Vogue Announces These 2 Groups as K-Pop Representatives In "Most Stylish Music Videos" List

Vogue Announces These 2 Groups as K-Pop Representatives In "Most Stylish Music Videos" List

On Monday, Dec. 21, Vogue released its list of most fashionable music videos. Among the numerous music video from famous Western artists, music videos from BTS and BLACKPINK were also included.

Vogue noted that, at least in the West, the scale and flashiness of music videos have decreased in the 2010s as the digital age advanced. Numerous video-based platforms, such as TikTok and Instagram Reels, have diluted the power of big videos such as music videos.

However, it was different this year. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, big-stadium concerts and tours were postponed indefinitely and numerous live performances were kept to a minimum. Because of this, many artists were left with new musical materials with no place to showcase them.

Due to this, many artists channeled all their energy into the traditional music video. To artists, music videos became a better opportunity to not only show their new music, but to showcase a new fashion moment, to unleash their wildest imagination, and to make a statement.

Of course, K-pop fans know that music videos in South Korea have always been top-tier. Unlike in the West, music videos have remained an integral part of the industry, with many companies putting a huge chunk of their budget into creating the music video and hyping it up. This year saw many gorgeous and high-budge music videos, but BTS and BLACKPINK were able to stand out this year not only with the settings and concept but also with their fashion.

BTS's music video for "Dynamite" was selected as being one of the most stylish music videos this year. Vogue Korea gave them a special shout out for their colorful and coordinated outfits. BTS wore retro-themed outfits, which perfectly suited their retro-themed song. The boys definitely didn't skip out on getting high-fashion brands for their music video.

The boys were seen in Gucci, Dior, Ralph Lauren, Wilhemina Garcia, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint Laurent, Celine, Sunnei, and more. Big Hit Entertainment made sure to not skip out on the boys' looks for the "Dynamite" music video, and it really does show. They looked amazing and perfectly retro!

The BLACKPINK music video that was selected was "How You Like That", which was released back in June. As the girls are old brand ambassadors and faces of luxury fashion brands, it is no surprise the music video.

Representing the brands they are working with, Jennie was seen in Chanel, Jisoo was seen in Dior, Lisa was in Celine, and Rosé wore Yves Saint Laurent. Of course, we cannot forget the iconic cropped hanboks the girls were seen in by the end of the video from Dunha!

They wore more brands than their representative labels, however. Other brands they were spotted wearing in the music video include Alexander McQueen, Stussy, Chiara Ferragni, Moncler, and more. YG Entertainment definitely did to skip out on the budget for outfits for "How You Like That"!

Let's check out these two MVs for a more close look at these stunning outfits of BTS and BLACKPINK.

Dynamite - BTS

How You Like That - BLACKPINK