TXT Beomgyu On His Deep Love For Music And His Bandmates + Why He Rarely Listens To His Own Songs

TXT Beomgyu On His Deep Love For Music And His Bandmates + Why He Rarely Listens To His Own Songs

TXT’s Beomgyu looks breathtaking in a new pictorial for Marie Claire!

In an interview for the magazine’s March issue, the artist spoke about TXT’s latest mini album “The Name Chapter: TEMPTATION,” which is still going strong on music charts both within Korea and abroad, and loving his fellow members like family.

It is a commonly known fact that the group’s members take part in writing their own music and lyrics, and Beomgyu mentioned that all five of them contributed lyrics to their new B-side “Happy Fools.” Revealing that it’s his favorite track from the album, he explained, “The song is about putting off the worries of today and leaving them to the me of tomorrow, enjoying the now because it will never come back. All of the [TXT] members and I worked together on writing the lyrics for the song while reminiscing about similar experiences we’ve all had at one point in our lives. Everyone has those moments. Times when, even in the midst of working hard, you wind up going off on a rebellious tangent after hearing words like ‘The future is important’ or ‘Any later and you won’t be able to make it.’ It’s a song in which we wrote our honest thoughts from those times.”

Beomgyu further explained that a specific portion of the lyrics he wrote for “Happy Fools” was inspired by how he used to worry about always having to do better: the lines “I’m like a butterfly/A honeybee who never stops working has no idea whether the sunset sky is pretty or not” and “I’m like a butterfly/A honeybee who never stops working can’t even feel the pleasant breeze.”

“When I was a trainee, I always looked up at the sky on my way home from practice,” he recalled. “That was how I used to wrap up my day. But one day, I realized that I hadn’t seen a sky where the sun was up or when the sun was setting [for a long time]. I felt like I had gotten the shorter hand of the stick, and this is what I thought back to when writing the lyrics.” He humorously added that since their new company building is above ground, he can now look at the sky even when he’s at work.

From underground trainee to superstar, Beomgyu has come a long way. TXT even has a world tour coming up in March, meaning the artist’s schedule has been filled with everything music. But to the man whose everything is music, this reality is pure joy. Beomgyu said, “I really enjoy looking up music from before I was born. I’ll recall, ‘I think I heard something like this,’ or ‘I think it had lyrics like this,’ and if I go searching, sometimes I’ll find the song. That’s how I discovered ABBA’s and Air Supply’s music. That process is incredibly fun. On the other hand, I also write music and create sounds that don’t exist yet in the world, and that’s fun as well.”

But being a creator 24/7 is not for everyone. When asked about the difficulties of writing and creating music, Beomgyu agreed, “That’s why I don’t do it every day. No matter what the hobby, once it becomes work that you have to work diligently on, you might start disliking it. So I intentionally only work on [composing music] when I feel like it, without even setting goals. I allow myself to be satisfied with my work whether I make no songs all year or write several songs in one month. When I think of something I want to write, I sit there and play chords on guitar for hours on end, without speaking a word. In those moments of utter concentration, I experience a different type of joy from when I’m on stage dancing and singing.”

Beomgyu also revealed that he rarely listens to TXT’s music in his everyday life. “It makes me feel like I need to start practicing our choreography,” he said with a laugh. “I’m always making or listening to music, but I want to separate my work and my rest.”

Beomgyu also described his usual lifestyle, sharing, “I don’t really like going out. I watch movies with the other members and play games with them, but all of that is within the dorm. I do what I can within the smallest perimeter possible.”

As for what he considers his source of joy and energy outside of music, Beomgyu replied, “These days, I think it’s the other members. Now that we’ve been with each other nearly every single day for seven years, we sometimes joke that we’ve had enough of each other. But then even when we have days off, we still get together and have fun eating and hanging out.”

He added, “Now, we can tell [what the others are thinking or feeling] from just looking at each other’s facial expressions. ‘This guy likes being alone, so we should let him be for a bit, or this guy, we need to lift his spirits even if it means going overboard with being silly. These are things we feel automatically, without having to speak to each other. In those moments, I feel like we’ve become more than just team members.”

To put it simply, Beomgyu defined his relationship with the other TXT members by saying, “Rather than camaraderie, we share a familial love.”


Source: Soompi