Top Of The Most Popular Fancam Singers In Korea 2020: BLACKPINK Is On Top

Top Of The Most Popular Fancam Singers In Korea 2020: BLACKPINK Is On Top

In the list of 17 fancams with the most favorites in Kpop 2020, BlackPink members occupy 11 positions. This number proves the popularity of the four-member of BLACKPINK.

In the top of the list is the fancam recording Rosé’s performance Someone You Loved. Released on February 23, the fancam currently has 426,000 likes and 11.28 million views. Besides, the female singer with the fancam How You Like That in the show “ Inkigayo ” broadcast on June 28 ranked 6th (reaching 198,000 likes, 3.4 million views).

The close-to-face fancam version of this performance also reached 143,000 likes and ranked 16th on the list of fancam with the biggest likes of Kpop 2020.

Lisa is increasingly popular in the international fan community. Her fancams always have many views. The female singer has four videos on the list.

The show How You Like That at Inkigayo had 353,000 likes.

Besides the above video, which ranked second, BlackPink’s maknae also had a Pretty Savage fancam at Music Core in October at No. 5 (200,000 likes), a close-up version of How You Like That ranked No. 8 (171,000 likes ), Señorita and Good Thing ranked 12th (152,000 likes).

Taking third place on the list of 17 fancams is Shin Ryu Jin (center of ITZY). Released in March, the female singer’s fancam Wannabe reached 8.9 million views and 320,000 likes. On the first occasion of the year, the beautiful and impressive shoulder-shaking dance of Ryu Jin as well as ITZY members caused fever in the music-listening community.

Many famous Korean artists also expressed their love and cover of Wannabe‘s choreography.

Hyun Jin (Stray Kids) is the highest-ranking male idol. Fancam Psycho ranked fourth, reaching 299,000 likes and 4.4 million views. When the video was posted in June, Hyun Jin immediately entered the top search in Korea.

The public was surprised by the blonde boy with a handsome appearance, standard body proportions, charismatic expressions, and smooth and beautiful choreography. Thanks to this fancam, Hyun Jin is better known to the audience.

Shotaro with the Make A Wish fancam (180,000 likes) ranked seventh. When SM announced that Shotaro was a new member of NCT, the public argued that the male idol did not have outstanding looks.

However, when Shotaro debuted, the boy from Japan conquered the audience with his impressive choreography. The male singer handled the dance moves confidently, strongly, and decisively.

9th place belonged to Yeji with the Wannabe fancam at All The Kpop episode 450. Fancam currently has 4.5 million views and 166,000 likes. The ITZY leader was praised for her strong choreography, personality, and confidence. Among the group members, Yeji is rated to have the most equal skill. The female singer performed well in both choreography, singing, and rapping.

Ji Soo – BlackPink’s eldest sister – holds 10th place with the Pretty Savage fancam released on October 11. Fancam currently has 162,000 likes, 2.42 million views.

The female singer is weak in choreography and expression, performance skills, but attracts the audience by her beautiful appearance. The female singer also has two How You Like That fancams at 13th and 15th.

Soobin (TXT) is the second male idol after Hyun Jin in the chart. His fancam Dolphin, released on 24/7, has 152,000 likes and 2.4 million views.

Yuna’s Wannabe holds No. 14 with 149,000 likes, 4.3 million views. The youngest member of ITZY has a beautiful face, well-proportioned physique and a fresh spirit, always full of energy. Meanwhile, 17th place belonged to Jennie with How You Like That (143,000 likes, 2.6 million views).