Top Female Idols Look Ridiculously Stunning In Real Life By K-netizens

Top Female Idols Look Ridiculously Stunning In Real Life By K-netizens

Through frames, movies, Kpop idols are crazy beautiful. So, in real life, how "divine" is their true beauty?

Recently, on a famous Korean community page, K-netizens discussed enthusiastically under the article titled "Who is the most beautiful girl group member you have ever seen in real life?".

The mentioned idols are all famous beauties who resonate with their beauty and extreme charisma. Here are the prominent names that many netizens agree.


Although Lisa is not the member in charge of the visual position of BLACKPINK, Lisa also has a beautiful beauty, not inferior to the sisters in the group. A lucky fan who has seen Lisa commented: "I saw Lisa in Hongdae, she is not a human but a doll"

Lisa owns a tall body, standard proportions, a compact waist and a beautiful face. In real life, Lisa's appearance is even more prominent.


Jisoo was once praised by a fan that she's the most stunning idol that fan has met. Literally, the visual goddess of BLACKPINK is already looking gorgeous on videos and in photos, what could she look like if in real life?

Her outstanding facial figures, elegant vibe like an angel, all of those combines to make Jisoo become more surreal if meeting in reality.


Not specific individual was chosen but all members of TWICE are chosen as looking more beautiful in real life. Dahyun, Tzuyu, Sana,... all of them are just stunning like manga characters.

Yoona - SNSD

She is the ultimate vision of K-Pop and that beauty just becomes more aesthetic outside, when her natural angelic figures shine the most. It's not wrong at all to call Yoona the definition of visual in K-pop.


There was this fan said that even looking from far away at the airport, Suzy was still unbelievably beautiful. Suzy proves that in the game of visual, no one could beat her. Not just her face but her gestures, everything about her is out of the world.

Red Velvet

All 5 members of Red Velvet receive compliments for their visuals in real life. They're truly the idols from SM - the company owns the most phenomenal beauty ever.

Krystal - Former f(X) member

If on videos or in photos Krystal's visual is like an icy queen because she's so beautiful and royalty. Her charismatic seems to explosive more in real-life pictures.

Taeyeon - SNSD

Taeyeon's face is blessed with elegant figures while her skin is like liquid diamond, it shines in real life. Therefore, she looks even more surreal every time she appears.

Jung Chaeyeon - DIA

She's one of the most popular in I.O.I and yes, her visual proves why. Chaeyeon receives lots of compliments for her visual in real life: "I once met her in Busan. I was so shocked because Jung Chaeyeon is so pretty, her skin's so fair and she's also skinny."

Naeun - APRIL

Naeun is also a beau who is trendy at the present because of her youthful, bright image she portrays. Her real-life look makes people fall for her more even easier than seeing her in music videos or photos.


Not just BLACKPINK but GFRIEND is also a girl group that gets compliments for their body proportions. However, their visuals also shocked K-netizens.

Yuna - ITZY

Yuna has big eyes, fair skin, a perfect face, and perfect body figures. A friend met her outside and said: "I almost stood next to her at the airport and to be honest, she was a goddess".

Jiyeon - T-Ara

Since T-Ara's debut, the visual of Jiyeon was highly praised because she looks like famous actress Kim Tae Hee. As she gets older, her beauty is more completed and she becomes a stunning mature woman.