Top 9 Female Idols Who Slay Crop Tops Selected by Dispatch

Top 9 Female Idols Who Slay Crop Tops Selected by Dispatch

On Thursday, Apr. 22, Dispatch selected the idols who pull off crop tops the best and shared their choices to their official Instagram account, @koreadispatch. Want to know which nine idols they chose?



(Photo : Lisa Instagram)

Thanks to Lisa's well-proportioned figure, crop tops perfectly suit her! As BLACKPINK's main dancer, Lisa spends a lot of time in the practice room, either practicing BLACKPINK's dances or making her own. The constant workout helps Lisa maintain her tiny waist and flat stomach, and crop tops allow her to show off her hot body.

2. Red Velvet's Joy


(Photo : Joy Instagram)

Known as Red Velvet's "sexy dynamite," Joy is known for her sexy, athletic figure. With long legs and a flat stomach, Joy's figure has become the envy of numerous women. When Joy wears a crop top, she is able to subtly show off her mature side and flaunt her amazing body.

3. Red Velvet's Wendy


(Photo : News1)

Wendy has a petite figure and a slim waist. The idol is known for working hard to maintain her figure, and it has definitely paid off. Wendy often wears crop tops in her casual, day-to-day fashion, and it definitely suits her!

4. Apink's Son Naeun


(Photo : Naeun Instagram)

Naeun is known for her tiny ant waist. According to different sources, at her thinnest, her waist was a staggering 19 inches! Nowadays, however, it usually measures 21 inches. With her tiny ant waist and stunning S-line figure, it is no surprise that Naeun stuns with crop tops!

5. Girls' Generation's Taeyeon


(Photo : Taeyeon Instagram)

Taeyeon has always had a slim and slender figure, so she pulls of crop tops perfectly! The idol has a defined waist, and her hips are smaller than her bust. Wearing a crop top allows Taeyeon to sinch in her waist and give fans a peek at more curves than if she were to wear a regular t-shirt.

6. HyunA


(Photo : HyunA Instagram)

HyunA is known as one of the sexiest K-pop stars, and she has even earned herself the nickname "Sexy Ya Seng Mah," which translates to "Sexy Little Wild Horse." On stage, HyunA has no problem showing off her stunning figure. As the idol has a large bust and a tiny waist, wearing crop tops help the soloist achieved that snatched look!

7. GFRIEND's Yerin


(Photo : News1)

While most idols who wear crop tops look sexier when they do so, wearing such clothes only makes Yerin look cuter! Thanks to her innocent aura and her attractive visuals, wearing a crop top only plays up on the GFRIEND's femininity and allows her to look even more refreshing.

8. (G)I-DLE's Soyeon


(Photo : (G)I-DLE Twitter)

Whenever Soyeon wears a crop top, the (G)I-DLE member exudes both cute and charismatic vibes. While she still lives up to her girl crush image, wearing a crop top also helps make her appear more lovely and adorable. Get you a girl who can do both!

9. Oh My Girl's YooA


(Photo : News1)

The last (but not the least!) idol to be mentioned by Dispatch is Oh My Girl's visual YooA! Known as the idol with proportions to die for, a crop top only enhances the idol's slender and athletic figure. It also helps make her look taller, as her limbs are long despite her short height.

Did your favorite female idol make it to Dispatch's list?

Source: kpopstarz