Top 8 Songs As Girl Power Anthems To Make You Feel Like A Queen

Top 8 Songs As Girl Power Anthems To Make You Feel Like A Queen

K-Pop is known for their powerful, synchronized dances and catchy, upbeat songs.

More often than not, its lyrics also tackle different kinds of issues that may not be addressed in today's society. And sometimes, when we're down, we just need a little push to get ourselves back on our feet.

In this article, we curated a list for you to listen to when you want to feel empowered by your favorite female K-Pop artists. From K-Pop legends 2NE1 to power rapper Jessi, here are some girl power anthems to add to your playlist!

1. 2NE1 - "I Am The Best"

Ten years later and this song is still a power anthem for all the ladies. "I Am The Best" is a mix of electronic, hip-hop, and electro house, along with synthesizers and rifts inspired by the Middle Eastern. Its lyrics talk about being self-confident, being dominant, and having self-love.

2. CLC - "No"

Written by CLC member Yeeun and (G)I-DLE's Soyeon, "No" is about setting your own standard without others defining it, as well as learning how to love yourself just the way you are and being the owner of your own life. Don't settle for less ladies!

3. ITZY - "Dalla Dalla"

The four-member girl group came into the K-Pop scene strong when they debuted with "Dalla Dalla." "Dalla Dalla" is a lively and upbeat song that features a fusion of electropop, EDM, house, and hip-hop. The song's lyrics center on being confident, empowered and inspired. It also teaches the valuable lesson of loving oneself and not being measured by others' standards.

4. Jessi - "Ssenunni"

Literally, every song by Jessi is a power anthem, so we almost couldn't choose! But Jessi's 2015 release, "Ssenunni," deserves more recognition. "Ssenunni," also known as the "fierce unnie," is meant to encourage everyone to live life in confidence no matter what and to stand right back up when you fall.

5. Everglow - "Adios"

We are the protagonists of our own life, what others say shouldn't matter, and we should walk our own path - that's what Everglow hopes to convey in their power anthem "Adios." "Adios" is filled with pulsating beats and a whistle melody that is charismatic and fierce. The song will surely make you feel powerful even when you're just walking!

6. BLACKPINK's Jennie - "SOLO"

Jennie's solo debut song, "SOLO," teaches us that it's better to be on our own than with bad company. "Solo" is a mix of pop, hip-hop, and dance that features EDM sounds. Its lyrics revolve around being strong and independent after experiencing a break-up from an unhealthy relationship.

7. BoA - "Woman"

If there's a song that's an embodiment of female empowerment, it's BoA's song "Woman"! The lyrics of "Woman" talk about how strong women look the most beautiful when they are just being themselves and not acting based on what society tells them to. With the song, BoA hopes that everyone finds their own definition of beauty.

8. I.O.I - "Dream Girls"

"Dream Girls" is pop dance song that encourages everyone to never give up and reach for their dreams. I.O.I wants their listeners to give it their all and continue fighting for what they want! If you're feeling for some pep talk, give "Dream Girls" a listen!

Which K-Pop song is your favorite girl power anthem?