Top 5 Male & Female K-Pop Solo Idols With Most 1st Week Album Sales In 2020

Top 5 Male & Female K-Pop Solo Idols With Most 1st Week Album Sales In 2020

Have you wondered who are the best selling K-Pop solo artists in 2020?

These are the top 5 male and female solo K-Pop artists who had impressed many with not only their incredible music but also record-breaking 1st-week album sales.

Note: Data is retrieved as of Dec. 21.

Male Solo Artists

1. EXO 's BaekHyun "Delight" 704,5** albums

The main vocalist of EXO had returned with another mini album this time "Delight" and title track 'Candy'. Compared to his previous debut album, many enjoyed the different side which he had shown as the title track is fun and light.

It is amazing to see how BaekHyun had also made a new history by selling more than 704,500 copies of "Delight"! He is now currently ranked as the best selling solo male artist in the entire K-Pop industry.

2. Kang Daniel "MAGENTA" 323,1** albums

Kang Daniel had released two mini albums this year and the most recent mini album "MAGENTA" with title track 'Who U Are' had sold more than 323,100 copies! As usual, he did not disappoint his fans with his jaw dropping performance and amazing stage comeback.

With "MAGENTA", Kang Daniel is ranked as the second K-Pop artist with the most selling albums in 2020.

3. EXO's Kai "KAI" 251,9** albums

It looks like the popularity of EXO's main dancer, Kai, could not be ignored. Not long ago, he had made his spectacular debut as a solo artist with his title track 'Mmmh' which had caused a sensation online thanks to his sexy dance movements. There were also many K-Pop fans who followed and did the 'Mmmh' dance challenge online too!

With the debut album, Kai is currently ranked as the third best selling K-Pop solo artist with more than 251,900 copies sold.

4. EXO's SuHo "Self-Portrait" 212,1** albums

Before SuHo headed to the military for his mandatory duty, he had released his first album as a solo artist "Self-Portrait". It is an album that allowed him to show the kind of music which he enjoys and wants to pursue.

His sweet and soothing vocals is something that more people need to know and he had proved his popularity by ranking as the 4th most best selling K-Pop solo artist in 2020 with more than 212,100 copies sold.

5. SHINee 's TaeMin "Never Gonna Dance Again : Act 1" 116,4** albums

TaeMin has not come to fool around and throughout the years as a solo artist, he had shown tremendous improvement in not just his vocals but also his performing skills. Every comeback and album release, he would blow away the minds of his fans.

With his recent release (not the most recent) of "Never Gonna Dance Again : Part 1", he had become the 5th best selling K-Pop solo artists in 2020 with more than 116,400 copies sold.

Female Solo Artists

1. Girls' Generation 's TaeYeon "What Do I Call You" 87,2** albums

TaeYeon had recently released her 4th mini album "What Do I Call You" and sold more than 87,200 copies! This makes her the best selling female solo artist in 2020.

While many know that she has an amazing and powerful voice, TaeYeon had never disappointed her fans with the music that she had release.

2. MAMAMOO 's Solar "SPIT IT OUT" 73,1** albums

Solar hit it big with her debut as a solo artist earlier in April this year. It was recorded that she had sold more than 73,100 copies of her album "SPIT IT OUT" and earned the love from her fans all over the world.

It is amazing to see that for the year of 2020, she is the 2nd best selling female K-Pop solo artist!

3. MAMAMOO's MoonByul "Dark Side of the Moon" 66,0** albums

Following right after Solar is none other than MoonByul. Back in February, she had released her 2nd solo album "Dark Side of the Moon' which had sold more than 66,000 copies!

Thanks to her deep and unique voice, it is no wonder why she had captured the attention of many. In addition, the powerful and addictive title track '

Eclipse' was probably one reason why fans could not help but love her.

4. MAMAMOO's HwaSa "Maria" 48,7** albums

This summer, HwaSa had blessed K-Pop fans with her 1st mini album "Maria" that has the same name for her title track. Once again, she had earned the love of her fans, making her the third best selling female K-Pop artist with more than 48,700 copies sold.

It seemed as if HwaSa had secured her position as not only a solo artist in the K-Pop industry but also in the CF deals and variety shows.

5. Apink 's Jeong EunJi "Simple" 21,3** albums

The main vocal of Apink, Jeong EunJi, had released her 4th mini album "Simple" and title track 'Away' this summer. Many would recall that she has a soothing and angelic voice that many could not help but fall for.

With the release of this album, she had blessed the ears of her fans. It had also earned her the 5th spot of the best selling female K-Pop solo artist with more than 21,300 copies sold.