Top 5 K-Pop Artists That Took Home the Most Wins from Music Shows in 2021 So Far

Top 5 K-Pop Artists That Took Home the Most Wins from Music Shows in 2021 So Far

Who are these winners?

Music shows are a weekly occurrence in South Korea and are highly regarded within the K-Pop community as a proof of success within their homeland. As new artists enter the K-Pop scene every year along with the current ones, nabbing a trophy at music shows such as "Show Champion," "Inkigayo," "M Countdown," "The Show," "Music Core," and "Music Bank" can be competitive. However, there are artists who take home multiple win!

With that, here are the five K-Pop artists that took home the most wins from music shows in 2021 so far!

*In descending order

1. BTS - 28 Wins


(Photo : Twitter: @bts_bighit)

Taking home the most number of music show wins from the six aforementioned shows is global superstar BTS! For 2021 alone, the seven-member group snagged 28 wins from music shows, bringing their cumulative wins to 152 trophies and extending their time as the most-awarded K-Pop artist in music show history. So far, their 2021 hit singles "Butter" and "Permission to Dance" won 13 and eight wins, respectively. While their 2020 releases "Life Goes On" and "Dynamite" took home three and four wins, respectively.

2. IU - 27 Wins


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Coming in as the artist with the second most music show wins is the Nation's Little Sister, IU, who won a total of 27 times this year and bringing her career total to 92 wins! For this year, IU took home 10 wins for "Celebrity," nine wins for "Lilac," and eight wins for "Strawberry Moon." With more wins added to her list of accolades, this makes IU the most-awared solo artist in music show history.

3. NCT DREAM and NCT 127 - 13 Wins

NCT Dream

(Photo : Twitter: @NCTsmtown_DREAM)

NCT DREAM bagged a total of 13 wins from music shows in 2021, making them one of the artists with the third-highest number of wins this year. Their 2021 release "Hot Sauce" won at music shows a total of seven times, while "Hello Future" from their repackaged album of the same name bagged six wins, bringing the NCT unit's total music show wins to 19.

NCT 127

(Photo : Twitter: @NCTsmtown_127)

Another NCT unit that bagged the same number of wins is NCT 127. The group won 10 times in music shows for their song "Sticker," while three of it went to "Favorite (Vampire)." With NCT 127 gaining 13 wins in 2021, this brings their total music show wins to 26.

5. (G)I-DLE - 10 Wins


(Photo : Twitter: @G_I_DLE)

Lastly, the girl group that took home the most music show wins this year is (G)I-DLE! In 2021, the now-five-member girl group won a total of 10 times in music shows, making their career total increase to 28 wins. As (G)I-DLE only had one comeback this year, all 10 of the wins were for "HWAA."

Which group is your favorite?

Source: kpopstarz