Top 11 K-Pop Vocal Performances With The Best Harmonies: TVXQ, MAMAMOO, BTS And More

Top 11 K-Pop Vocal Performances With The Best Harmonies: TVXQ, MAMAMOO, BTS And More

Harmonizing is not a simple thing, and not every K-Pop group can create a perfect vocal harmony that touches the hearts of the audiences.


K-Pop artists have given us a lot of great songs, with many different vocal ranges over the years. When many great voices in one group come together, we will get a good vocal performance. This is what helps so many talented K-Pop groups attract special attention from the public throughout their careers.

From live stages, covers, to a cappella performances, here are 11 perfect vocal performances that prove that these groups have great singing talents.

1. TVXQ - 'My Little Princess'

When they were still a 5-member group, TVXQ really made a lasting impression on the public with their wonderful vocals. Few know that TVXQ originally intended to work as an a cappella group. Therefore, it is not surprising that their real vocals always overwhelm both the background music and the loud screams of the fans. Even now, when they've become a duo, TVXQ still functions properly as a K-Pop legend.

2. SNSD-TTS - 'Cater 2 U' (cover song by Destiny's Child)

This remake of the Destiny's Child song by TaeTiSeo really captivated the public. The way their vocals blend together to create a beautiful sound is sure to give you goosebumps.

3. BTOB - 'Missing You'

During a vibrant party, the BTOB members performed and harmonized their hit song 'Missing You' perfectly, even though they were under the influence of alcohol, as part of the popular show Dingo Music's Tipsy Live.

4. MAMAMOO - 'Uhm Ooh Ah Yeah'

From their unique greeting 'I say mama mama moo' to all the songs they've ever released, the MAMAMOO girls can completely master any stage with their amazing vocals. The performance above is just an example of MAMAMOO's impressive stages.

5. SEVENTEEN - 'Adore U'

SEVENTEEN is undoubtedly a group of talented young men, and their vocal lineup has clearly demonstrated this fact when they released the acoustic version of the song 'Adore U' just 3 months after their debut.

6. Red Velvet - 'Would U'

Have you ever felt stunned by Red Velvet's enchanting voices? Listen to this live performance of the song 'Would U'! It was a delicate gift from the Red Velvet members, as their vocals really blended so perfectly throughout the song.

7. BTS - 'You're My' (cover of Taeyang's song)

In their rookie days, Jin, Jimin, V and Jungkook of BTS had the opportunity to show off their inspirational vocals when performing a song by BIGBANG Taeyang.

8. GFRIEND - 'Everything At Once' (cover of Lenka's song)

In addition to their own addictive hits, GFRIEND also had the opportunity to demonstrate the perfect harmonization between the group members as they performed a cappella cover of Lenka's 'Everything At Once'. Like so many spectators, the MC was completely amazed by the performance.

9. VIXX - 'Thank You For My Love'

On an elegant stage, the VIXX members made a special impression with their captivating vocals, while still delivering an emotional and beautiful performance. It is known that this is a song made exclusively for VIXX's fans, as an act of gratitude.

10. Lovelyz - 'Title' (cover of Meghan Trainor's song)

Known for their cute songs and dance moves, Lovelyz is undeniably one of the girl groups that are highly appreciated for their a cappella performances. Adding to the cover of the beautiful tunes from their own instrumental play, Lovelyz truly delivered more than they were asked for with this mesmerizing live performance.

11. gugudan - 'Part Of Your World' (From the movie 'The Little Mermaid')

There are so many impressive things in this short video: From the innocent looks of the girls to their amazing talents. The gugudan members delivered an a cappella version of the hit Disney movie track, while expressing their own cheerfulness.