Top 10 Trendy K-Pop Stories in 2020 That You Should Know

Top 10 Trendy K-Pop Stories in 2020 That You Should Know

As 2020 winds down and the weather in most parts of the world gets colder a little bit, there’s no better time to gather around with a warm drink and catch up on some of this year’s most memorable K-pop events and news stories.

Let's Count down from No. 10, these were the most read K-pop stories Revealed by the South China Morning Post in 2020.

10 Tzuyu of Twice: beautiful, the youngest of Twice wants to be known for more than just her outside looking.

9 Lisa from Blackpink revealed her strict side as a superstar dance mentor on a Chinese TV show. “I won’t be soft-hearted,” she says.

8 Who are Enhypen? The latest K-pop group from BTS label Big Hit officially release their first music in November.

7 Wheein of Mamamoo challenges K-pop norms with her frank talk about dating and her mental health struggles.

6 Jisoo of Blackpink gets the backing of K-pop fans after Jimmy Kimmel’s test of her English on his US TV show angers some.

5 Ex Stray Kids member Woojin denies sexual harassment claims, igniting fresh online anger and accusations of dishonesty.

4 How Irene of Red Velvet’s bullying scandal gives insight into the abuse of power in Korean society, not just K-pop.

3 New K-pop girl group Aespa features human and virtual members and comes from Red Velvet’s management SM Entertainment.

2 Exclusive | K-pop star Woojin talks about the sexual harassment allegations against him, and his comeback plans after leaving Stray Kids last year.

1 K-pop stars Blackpink named world’s biggest music act, with BTS trailing at No. 10 (fun fact: the 11th most-read article was a follow-up piece exploring what this meant exactly, with an interview with the Bloomberg writer who spearheaded the music chart that determines every month’s biggest stars).

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