Top 10 Most Popular Male Idols in Japan

Top 10 Most Popular Male Idols in Japan

Continue reading to know the Top 10 artists who have been the main subject among Japanese fans.

BTS V is the No. 1 Most Popular Male Idol in Japan for 12 Weeks in a Row

On June 21, Nehan (Japan's renowned K-pop idol website) released which male idols are most loved in Japan within the previous week, June 14 to 20.


(Photo : BTS Facebook)

Based on the rankings, BTS V, also known as Kim Taehyung, has once again claimed first place with a total of 15,592 votes from Japanese fans.

This is already Taehyung's 12th week at No. 1 on the rankings of most popular male idols in Japan, showing his consistent fame in the country.

Additionally, BTS V snagged the second spot in the rankings of popular actors of all ages.


(Photo : BTS Facebook)

Products related to Kim Taehyung, such as official goods and character goods, as well as collaboration items, are often sold out in Japan.

On the official Fila Japan website, the T-shirt BTS V modeled was sold out as soon as it was put on sale. The book titled "I'm home but I still want to go home" by Kwon Rabin, which is known as his favorite book, was published in Japan and became the No. 1 best-seller on Amazon Japan just three days after it was released.

Apart from this, the Japanese magazine "Listen to CNN News," in which Kim Taehyung appeared as a cover model, ranked No. 1 in the bestseller category in the English textbook audio section, No. 2 in the English fellowship section, and No. 4 in the language study section.

The magazine also secured the No. 26 spot in the overall Japanese book category on Amazon Japan.


(Photo : BTS Facebook)

When it comes to charts, BTS V made history on Japan's iTunes Top Songs Chart with his "Itaewon Class" OST, titled "Sweet Night."

In August 2020, Taehyung's "Sweet Night" claimed the No. 1 position on the chart, earning him the title of the first Korean solo artist to reach the top of the Japan iTunes chart.

Japan's iTunes Chart is one of the hardest charts to top with a foreign song without any promotion in the country.


(Photo : BTS Facebook)

Furthermore, on Yahoo Japan, the country's largest portal site, BTS V's TinyTAN character goods, which received a lot of attention and are on-demand among Japanese fans, ranked first in the real-time search terms.

This past April, BTS V caught the attention of a famous Japanese actor, named Ryoma Takeuchi. During a live stream, the actor was shown a photo of the global septet and he was quick to take notice of Taehyung with blue hair. He praised the "Sweet Night" singer for his visuals and said that he could kiss him.

Here are the Top 10 Most Popular Male Idols in Japan (June 14 to 20):

  1. BTS V
  2. BTS Jimin
  3. BTS Jin
  4. NCT Yuta
  5. JO1 Kawashiri Ren
  6. TVXQ Yunho
  7. ENHYPEN Ni-ki
  8. BTS Jungkook
  9. Stray Kids Hyunjin
  10. EXO D.O.