Top 10 K-Pop idols Who are The Mood Makers in Variety Shows

Top 10 K-Pop idols Who are The Mood Makers in Variety Shows

Variety shows wouldn’t be half as funny or entertaining without these idols!

Variety shows are a staple in the K-Pop world for various reasons. As a matter of fact, they’re so vital for promotions that K-Pop groups often have a member specializing in variety show appearances.

A mood maker in variety shows can be someone who does not really go by the format set up by the program but instead takes charge of the narrative and does so in an extremely entertaining way too. They always know what to say and the right moment to say it. Truly, variety shows wouldn’t be half as funny or entertaining without these idols.


Seungkwan’s personality is bright as the Sun, and accordingly, he can light up any room with his charm. The fact that he’s a free-spirited extrovert also adds to the fact that he can be one of the most entertaining guests on any given variety show. He’s not hesitant to be himself or even step back to make someone else shine, but even in doing so, he retains the spotlight. His impressions and reactions are always spot on and no one could ever compare.

GOT7 Jackson

Another win for the extroverts, Jackson knows just how to make everyone around him comfortable, making the atmosphere light enough for everyone to open up with their contribution to the show. He’s another idol who has a wise retort to anything and everything, but what makes him special is just how grounded and down to Earth he is. Jackson never appears as Jackson of GOT7 but instead, Jackson Wang, your friend from the block. His adherence to basic human values and feelings is what makes him so appealing on variety shows.


Jessi’s place on this list needs no explanation. Jessi is one of the most sought after guests for variety shows and for obvious reasons too. Her bluntness and open-mindedness is oftentimes a shock to other guests but also required for desensitizing the Korean audience about certain issues such as body image, self-confidence, and so forth. Jessi doesn’t follow the rules and as such, she’s quite the role model to young women in South Korea who struggle to find their voice in the midst of a society that often won’t listen to them.


Contrary to Jackson, Jin’s whole shtick is that he’s way beyond anyone’s reach, perfection incarnate. He takes on this over the top persona admittedly to ensure that the rest of the members are not embarrassed to speak up on camera. If that’s not the best older brother, we don’t know who is. Alternatively, he takes on the “old guy” role that’s a little behind on the latest trends and whines about Dad jokes if they’re not appreciated with applause and wonder. Either way, it works perfectly and the show couldn’t have been more interesting.

EXO Baekhyun

Baekhyun is renowned for his variety show appearances, which always end with buckets of laughter and bright energy. Even though he appears on a great number of shows, his wit and sense of entertainment make for a new experience every time. Both fans and variety show makers have unanimously agreed that Baekhyun is one of the most entertaining guests to have on the show. He often has no filter between his brain and his mouth and fans cannot get enough of him spilling all of EXO’s well-kept secrets. He’s more like a best friend than a show guest and that is exactly what sets him apart.

Super Junior Heechul

Although Heechul is usually on the other end of the conversation, hosting the show and bringing guests on, whenever Heechul is on the guest side, the show quite literally does not need anyone else to keep it going. Heechul has crazy stories for almost any situation whatsoever. His expansive knowledge of how variety shows work allows him to know the perfect space wherein to insert a little anecdote. Heechul’s social butterfly status also ensures that he has at least one close friend wherever he goes and the back and forth that ensues is a thing to watch.


Much like Heechul, Hani has also been on both sides of a conversation, as a moderator as well as a guest. However, even before she ever acted as a moderator, Hani has been an exceptional guest at variety shows. Her laughter is contagious and her mere appearance holds the potential to make everyone around her happy. As a bonus, she’s also incredibly good at mukbang shows and since a lot of variety shows require eating, Hani makes sure the broadcast is a success.

SHINee Key

Key is, without exception, the coolest guy in the room at all times. His composed humor and wit, smooth sarcasm and presence of mind with some added spice sprinkled in from when he just makes things up on the fly is the perfect combination you need for a successful variety show episode. No one can forget the time when he convinced everyone that he was from New York or when he ran off the set when he had to do ‘aegyo.’ If Key is on an episode, it is bound to be entertaining.

TWICE Dahyun

Dahyun’s unique personality, her quirks, and all the adorableness she brings along with her to variety shows are all a show needs to be an instant hit. Dahyun is not one of those idols who are worried about their image more than their entertainment quotient at variety shows. Dahyun fares well on any challenge whatsoever but also makes sure she does it in a way that turns a challenge into a stage to express herself on.

MONSTA X Jooheon

Everyone loves Jooheon, and for good reason too. He’s a teddy bear with a lot of love to give but also the most inimitably skilled rapper in the industry. Newer fans would be surprised out of their minds if they saw Jooheon on any variety show, performing the cutest ‘aegyo’ ever. He’s so insanely good at it that he almost swore off doing it for any broadcast but quickly returned to his field of expertise because no one could ever do better.