Top 10 Female Idols Attract Fans with Their Tall & Slim Figures

Top 10 Female Idols Attract Fans with Their Tall & Slim Figures

These ten female idols will snatch your heart with their tall and slim physiques!

1. ITZY Yuna


(Photo : ITZY Instagram)

Yuna is only seventeen years old (turning eighteen this year!), but she is already 170cm (5'7") tall!

Yuna is the tallest member of ITZY as well as their youngest member. Before being an idol, Yuna was a floorball athlete for four years and won an award for "The Best Player of the Match" during her high school sports club championship.

2. STAYC Yoon


(Photo : STAYC Instagram)

Yoon is seventeen years old and is still growing! According to her profile, 170cm (5'6.9") tall. She is STAYC's tallest member and is part of their maknae line, as she is the second-youngest member of the group. The idol continues to earn praise for her stunning visual and is one of the hottest rookies at the moment.

3. Girls' Generation Yoona


(Photo : Yoona Instagram)

Girls' Generation's lead dancer, visual, and center Yoona stands at 168cm (5'6") tall!

While she is not the tallest member of the group, Yoona stands out due to her slim physique! The idol states that her body is naturally skinny, and she does not make any efforts to diet.

4. TWICE Tzuyu


(Photo : TWICE Instagram)

Tzuyu is TWICE's visual maknae, and she is also their tallest member, standing at 172cm (5'7") tall. Tzuyu has consistently earned praise for her visuals and was even named the "Most Beautiful Face in the World" in 2019 by TC Candler.

5. f(x) Krystal


(Photo : Krystal Instagram)

Krystal is f(x)'s visual, the face of the group, and maknae. She is not the tallest member of the group, standing at 165cm (5'5") tall, but due to her extraordinary proportions, Krystal tends to look taller than she is.

In addition, her slim physique makes her legs look longer than they are!



(Photo : Lisa Instagram)

BLACKPINK's main dancer and maknae Lisa is the group's second-tallest member, standing at 166.5cm (5'5.6") tall. Though not the tallest member of the group, Lisa's Barbie-like legs often make her look taller than she is.

Additionally, the idol usually towers above members Jennie and Jisoo, making her look exceptionally lengthy.

7. (G)I-DLE Miyeon


(Photo : Miyeon Instagram)

Miyeon, (G)I-DLE's main vocalist and visual, actually leans on the shorter side with a height of 161cm (5'3"). Despite being of such stature, Miyeon's top-tier proportions make her look taller than she is.

You would never be able to tell she was on the shorter side by just looking at photos!

8. IZ*ONE Kim Minju


(Photo : Minju Instagram)

Another idol on the shorter side but looks taller is former IZ*ONE member, Kim Minju!

According to her profile, she stands at 163.8cm (5'4") tall. Despite that, Kim Minju is blessed with long legs and arms, making her look like a model despite her petite height.

9. Apink Hayoung


(Photo : Hayoung Instagram)

Apink's tallest member also happens to be their maknae, Hayoung! The idol is 169cm (5'6") tall and often towers over her members. The idol is known for her mature and attractive visuals.

10. IZ*ONE Jang Wonyoung

Jang Wonyoung

(Photo : Jang Wonyoung Instagram)

While Jang Wonyoung's profile says she is 171cm (5'7") tall, many believe she is 173 (5'8")!

She is only 16 years old (turning seventeen this year), and it is expected that she will reach 180cm tall, which the idol has confessed she does not want to happen!