Times When K-Pop Idols Had to Promote with Hairstyles They Hated

Times When K-Pop Idols Had to Promote with Hairstyles They Hated

Even K-pop idols have bad hair days!

Netizens can be divided when their favorite idol debuts a funky new hairdo, but what do the artists themselves think? While K-pop idols can rock any style they're given, here are some looks that the idols weren't fans of.


Image Source: JYP Entertainment

During promotions for 'Stop Stop It,' Jackson reported that he asked for an inch cut off of his hair, but ended up with only an inch of hair left in the end. He's gone on to say his hair resembled a cabbage and asked fans to delete all evidence of him during that era. While this era was loved by iGOT7s, Jackson could have definitely been happier with his look.


Image Source: Mnet

Also during the 'Stop Stop It' era, BamBam was less than pleased with his hairdo. With spikes reaching towards the sky, BamBam admitted that he was not a fan of the look. He even got a nosebleed from how angry the hairstyle made him.


Image Source: Big Hit Entertainment

Back before BTS reached their world-dominating fame, they were showing off their hip-hop style with 'No More Dream.' During the 2013 promotions, RM had a big poof of hair on top and his initials shaved into the side of his head. RM once said that he wore sunglasses so often during that era because he didn't want his face to be associated with his hair. But it's iconic nonetheless.

Christine Park

Image Credit: Youtube 'soobeanie'

A former member of Blady, Christine currently makes YouTube videos under the name 'soobeanie.' In her video 'The Best and Worst Hairstyles when I was a Kpop Idol,' she goes into detail about what styles she could have done without. One of her debut stage hairstyles, basically a bow made out of her hair, was the first to be admittedly bad. Another hairstyle she disliked was her "three hairballs" look, which she remembers being completely soaked in hairspray.


Image Source: The Qoo

Red Velvet's gorgeous leader was another victim of bad hair styling. During promotions for her and Seulgi's 'Monster,' Irene admitted that she hated her purple hair color in the Russian Roulette era. When she went to the practice room after getting her hair dyed, she was so upset with the color that she couldn't stand to look at herself in the mirror. Seulgi also commented that Irene kept sighing during the practice.

Do you agree with these idols' opinions on their hair? No matter the style, their fans will always love them!