These Female K-pop Idols Slay the Girly Look Like An Angel

These Female K-pop Idols Slay the Girly Look Like An Angel

Among the female K-pop celebrities, some of them are considered representatives of a particular concept regarding outfits, and one of these is a girly look.

Below are four female K-pop idols who stun in attires that make them look more feminine. They can catch everyone's attention with perfect pairings of dresses, miniskirts, knee socks, checkered pattern clothing, and other girly apparel and accessories.

BLACKPINK Rose, Brave Girls Yuna

(Photo : Official Instagram Accounts)

These are the Four Female K-pop Idols Who Perfectly Don a Girly Look


BLACKPINK's main vocalist, Rosé, is one of the female K-pop idols who is seen wearing mini-dresses and mini-skirts most of the time.

One example of this is when Rosé was promoting as a solo artist on a certain music show. While sitting on the staircase, she showed off a girly look with a stage outfit for her solo performance of "On The Ground."


(Photo : BLACKPINK Rose Instagram)

Rosé matched a blue tube top with a yellow checkered skirt, and also partnered white socks with black shoes. She flaunted her unique body figure and her youthful and sexy charm at the same time.

Brave Girls Yuna

Another female K-pop idol who stands out with a girly look is Brave Girls Yuna. Since Brave Girls has become more popular than ever these days, people pay more attention to what the members wear.

Brave Girls Yuna

(Photo : Brave Girls Yuna Instagram)

Brave Girls member Yuna, in particular, has fans falling for her feminine look. One time, the "Rollin'" singer wore a navy blue polo shirt with a white pleated skirt, looking like a schoolgirl.

At the time, the main points of Brave Girls Yuna's look were the pair of yellow knee socks paired with black loafers, plus accessories like a mini-bag. She completed her look with the use of hair accessories like a white ribbon on one side.

(G)I-DLE Soyeon

(G)I-DLE's leader, Soyeon, is one of the female K-pop idols who can grab one's attention for her unique styling from head to toe, regardless of the concept.

One particular time when Jeon Soyeon went for a girly look was when she performed on a music show to promote her latest solo track, "BEAM BEAM."

(G)I-DLE Soyeon

(Photo : (G)I-DLE Instagram)

(G)I-DLE Soyeon was wearing a checkerboard-patterned dress of yellow and black, creating a funky feminine look. She partnered the dress with a pair of mesh net knee-high socks and high-top sneakers, which made her legs look longer and slimmer.

Kara Youngji

Last but not certainly least, Kara member Youngji is one of the female K-pop idols you will see dressing up in various styles, and a girly look is included on her list.

Through her Instagram account, Kara Youngji shared two photos of her wearing an argyle vest over a black T-shirt, giving off a classic and sophisticated mood.

Kara Youngji

(Photo : Kara Youngji Instagram)

Along with her top, Youngji sported a checkered pattern wrap skirt, black knee socks, and black shoes.

The "AHA" singer complemented her street girly look with a pigtail hairstyle, showcasing her doll-like beauty.

Do you know other female K-pop idols who can also slay in a girly look?