These K-Pop Songs Contradict Each Other With Just Their Titles

These K-Pop Songs Contradict Each Other With Just Their Titles

Song titles are more complex than you think!

We don’t often think about the title of the song. After all, it’s the music we want! However, if we took the time to think about K-Pop groups’ various song titles, we could find some interesting things!

For instance, perhaps every K-Pop song title has an opposite! Something that completely contradicts the other one. Let’s see what some of what the internet found!

1. Taeyeon’s “Why” and LOONA’s “Why Not”

While Taeyeon questions, “why?” LOONA confidently asks the world, “why not?” Taeyeon’s song gives a softer, more serious approach, while LOONA has a fun and experimental beat.

2. KARD’s “Hola Hola” and EVERGLOW’s “Adios”

As one says “hello,” the other says “goodbye.” Once again, the songs radiate the energy of their titles as “Hola Hola” is bright and inviting while “Adios” is dark and rough.

3. fromis_9’s “WE GO” and BLACKPINK’s “Stay”

BLACKPINK gives us a sad song about wanting a distancing lover to stay with them. Meanwhile, fromis_9 excitedly sings about getting out and traveling after the COVID-19 pandemic.

4. SHINee’s “Don’t Call Me” and EXO’s “Call Me Baby”

Whatever they did to SHINee, they don’t want a call! On the other hand, EXO is practically begging you to call them in the chorus!

5. Stray Kids’ “Question” and ATEEZ’s “Answer”

While Stray Kids asks many questions about who they are, ATEEZ gives them a confident answer by telling you to stand tall and be strong.

6. aespa’s “Forever” and GOT7’s “Never Ever”

Although the contradicting titles, the two songs actually have a similar theme of a relationship lasting “forever” or rather, “never ever” letting them go.

7. AB6IX’s “Salute” and iKON’s “At Ease”

Getting into military terms, AB6IX’s title asks us to stand up stiffly while iKON’s title tells us to relax.

8. BTS’s “Dis-ease” and Yoo Young Jin and NCT’s Taeyong’s “Cure”

BTS’s song describes diseases of the heart, where your mind quite literally isn’t at ease. Taeyong sings about the good and the bad times but ultimately overcoming it and being “cured.”

Cre: Koreaboo