These Idols Claimed as Gods of Flashing Cameras

These Idols Claimed as Gods of Flashing Cameras

There are Kpop idols that will surprise you by their 'unbeaten' skill in the flash that surrounds them.

Becoming a Kpop idol is not easy at all. Besides the required skills such as singing, dancing or rapping, they must also have some other special skills. Among them, the ability to maintain a beautiful image and not be overwhelmed, blinking continuously in front of dozens and hundreds of flashes around at events is not necessarily something to be 'trained', but idols have to learn how to practice themselves to do it.

Recently on Theqoo forum, a K-Net selected 7 Kpop idols that deserve to be called 'holy flash'. The reason is that they can completely keep their eyes open, expressing nature and attractiveness despite the flash. If you ever see the lights flashing continuously and have a headache, you will feel how respectable the idols below are.


The nation's sister shows that she's truly a confident and professional artist when posing perfectly in front of thousands of flashlights. Maintaining an angel-like smile while portraying her elegant look, it's not surprising when IU is the idol that is most-wanted to be the ideal type of many male idols.

SHINee Minho

Looking at Minho, we could easily feel the intense fire in his eyes and vibes that he brings out. That energy is so powerful and strong at the same time that makes Minho seems isn't scared of the camera's flashes at all.

Girls' Generation Yoona

Being praised for a goddess visual whatever she does, Yoona must be so familiar with these cameras' lights pointing directly at her. And the idol-actress never makes any mistake or has a nervous look in front of these cameras' flashlights.


Like Yoona, Suzy is also praised for her pure and gorgeous visuals since the day she was a member of a now-disband girl group, Miss A or when she's proving herself in the movie industry. No matter how much cameras are trying to catch her fault, Suzy all seems relaxed and professional posing comfortably.

ZE:A Siwan

Not just being extremely confident, Siwan also uses his chance to showcase his surreal visuals with such beautiful sparkling eyes. He looks like a supreme angel in front of these cameras.


There's no second that Bona seems nervous or falses controlling her gestures in front of cameras. She just needs to stand and smile elegantly, all of the work behind will handle by the cameras to capture her stunning beauty.


V has the visual like an anime character because of its unbelievable perfection but he also owns an outstanding and professional aura that only V could showcase. This feature is also emphasized more when he appears in front of these flashlights.