These Are Top Most Popular K-pop Vocalists in Japan

These Are Top Most Popular K-pop Vocalists in Japan

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K-pop's vocal representatives such as BTS Jungkook, EXO members Chen, Baekhyun, D.O., SEVENTEEN DK, and more were selected as the most popular singers in Japan. Who do you think made it into the Top 10? Keep Reading!

In the Japanese popularity voting site in Japan,, global star BTS Jungkook topped the recent K-pop male idol singing ability ranking survey held by the website.

In particular, 81 K-pop male idol members competed for the Top 10 spot, and as a result, top vocalists from BTS, SEVENTEEN, EXO, SUPER JUNIOR, and ENHYPEN were selected.

BTS Jungkook Crowned as No. 1 Male K-poo Vocalist Selected by Japanese

BTS Jungkook, EXO Chen, D.O. & More: Here Are Most Popular K-pop Vocalists in Japan

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Jungkook, the "golden maknae" of BTS, secured his spot and was selected once again as No. 1 best vocalist of K-pop by Japanese fans for the second consecutive time.

In 2020, Jungkook also topped the "K-Pop Male Idol Singing Performance Ranking!" held by the voting platform last year, winning the throne for two consecutive years.

Jungkook has proven his ability as a vocalist that cannot be shown in all group songs by covering and releasing more than 40 domestic and foreign songs reinterpreted with his own emotions and colors, including various collaborations with BTS.

The website also praised the male idol for his voice, especially commended how he can show steady live vocals despite the group's heavy choreography.

Along with him, BTS Jimin also entered the top 10 at No. 8. Although the idol is the main dancer of the group, Jimin was often applauded for his unique vocal tone that makes BTS songs' color more vibrant, proving that he's truly an "all-rounder" idol.

SEVENTEEN DK, EXO Chen, ENHYPEN Heeseung Enter Top 10 Most Popular K-pop Vocalist in Japan

Among top-tier vocalists in the K-pop scene, SEVENTEEN's vocal team members proved that they are on top when the topic is singing ability.

Among five members of the vocal sub-unit of SEVENTEEN, DK, Seungkwan, and Woozi ranked at No. 2, No. 4 and No. 10, respectively.

The members have solid vocal skills, and although they have different singing techniques, the synchronization, harmony and synergy are 100% when they sing together.

Also, EXO members prove that they are also "Kings" when it comes to singing skills. The vocal line of the team; Chen, Baekhyun and D.O. ranked No. 3, No. 5 and No. 7, in order.

Chen has an incredible pitch, breathing control and strength, with a heavenly voice that can pierce a listener's heart.

Meanwhile, Baekhyun is a versatile singer with a wide vocal range, who can sing sultry songs to ballads.

As for D.O., the singer is known for his riffs and runs, which are truly music to one's ear, not to mention when he sings love songs.

Lastly, Super Junior Yesung and ENHYPEN Heeseung completed the top 10 at No. 6 and No. 9, consecutively.

Yesung is one of the strongest vocalists in Super Junior who have good control in terms of dynamics and effects. Rather than the clean and neat type of singing, the male idol is love for his husky voice that carries a lot of weight; thus, when he sings, you will undoubtedly feel the pain and emotion of the song.

ENHYPEN Heeseung only debuted in 2020, but he is already gaining massive popularity for his vocals. The young idol builds his perfect singing intonation and he knows his singing technique well, especially the use of his head voice.

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