These Are Top 10 Idol Hands You Want to Hold

These Are Top 10 Idol Hands You Want to Hold

Idols often get praised for their visuals, but oftentimes, not enough praise is given to their beautiful hands. Read on to see a list of ten idols with the prettiest hands!

1. EXO: Baekhyun

From his debut, Baekhyun has always been known for his beautiful hands, and even has several fan accounts dedicated to documenting them.

Baekhyun’s beautiful hands shine, especially while live streaming and parodying mukbang YouTubers!

2. EXO: Chanyeol

Unlike Baekhyun, Chanyeol’s hands are much larger and more rugged.

Chanyeol holds an iPad with just one hand and is often accused of making objects look small when his hands are in pictures because of their impressive size!

3. Red Velvet: Irene

Irene’s delicate and elegant fingers compliment the rest of her features perfectly.

It’s no wonder that her hands were chosen to be featured in the album cover for Irene and Seulgi’s EP, Monster!

4. IU

In addition to her small face, IU is also known for having unbelievably small and cute hands. IU stated that her small hands used to be a subject people would tease her for, but many people are fond of them as well.

5. NCT: Doyoung

Doyoung has often been compared to his label-mate and senior, Baekhyun, for having equally beautiful hands as well.

6. Twice: Dahyun

Dahyun often waves with both hands when she sees fans, and people have nominated her as one of the top female idols with adorable small hands.

How many of you wish you were Momo right now?

7. Super Junior: Yesung

The representative male idol with small hands is no other than Super Junior’s Yesung, whose small hands make him instantly recognizable. Though the members often tease him for the size of his hands, many agree that they just want to hold his small hands!

8. Super Junior: Donghae

On the other hand, fellow member Donghae has more masculine hands that are completely opposite to Yesung’s and often featured in charismatic photoshoots.

9. Wanna One: Kang Daniel

Many Wanna One fans fell in love with Kang Daniel from his lethal dancing in “Open Up,” during his appearance on Produce 101.

10. UNIQ: Wang Yibo

Wang Yibo has often complained about being thin no matter how much he works out, but his hands are large compared to the rest of his body. Yibo is passionate about skateboarding and motorcycling, but if he ever decides to become a hand model, he would surely be successful at it as well!