These Are Melon's 9 Most-streamed K-Pop Group Songs In 2022

These Are Melon's 9 Most-streamed K-Pop Group Songs In 2022

Which K-Pop group songs have been streamed the most on Melon in 2022?

On an online community forum, netizens discussed the top nine songs that were streamed the most this year on the domestic platform. (G)I-DLE led the top rank with their much-loved song "Tomboy," with IVE's "Love Dive" and Big Bang's "Still Life" following behind.

The rest of the ranks from #1 to #9 are as follows:

1. (G)I-DLE's "Tomboy"

2. IVE's "Love Dive"

3. Big Bang's "Still Life"

4. IVE's "After Like"

5. Red Velvet's "Feel My Rhythm"

6. NewJeans's "Hype Boy"

7. NewJeans's "Attention"

8. Seventeen's "Hot"

9. BLACKPINK's "Pink Venom"

Based on this list, (G)I-DLE's song was streamed 149.1 million times in total, while BLACKPINK's song was streamed 65.8 million times. Furthermore, Big Bang and Seventeen were the only boy groups who made this list.

Some reactions include:

"YAY! My group is in here"
"Whoa...Big Bang"
"Hot Hot Hot"
"Hot is still hot"
"IDLE is unbeatable"
"These songs are still on my playlist, except for the Big Bang one"
"You can hear these people's songs blasting even when you enter the car of a muggle (a non-K-pop fan) lol"

"Still can't believe 'Tomboy' did not get the Daesang"
"Didn't NewJeans just release their songs in July or August??"
"Whoa NewJeans with their debut album...."

Source: Allkpop