These 7 Girl Groups are Called the Pride of K-Pop

These 7 Girl Groups are Called the Pride of K-Pop

In one of TMI News (Mnet variety show) broadcast, these 7 girl groups were named as the pride of K-pop.

From Girls' Generation to TWICE, see all the girl groups named during the episode!

7. Red Velvet

Red Velvet

(Photo : Red Velvet Twitter)

According to TMI News, Red Velvet never fails to exceed the expectations of K-pop fans around the world with their unique concepts ever since their debut. Each comeback, Red Velvet constantly challenges themselves with different styles and has been able to transform from cute, to sexy, to ghostly, to mysterious!

Red Velvet is set to make a comeback on August 16 with their new summer mini-album, "Queendom."

6. Wonder Girls

Wonder Girls

(Photo : / Korean Culture and Information Service (Photographer name), CC BY-SA 2.0 (Wikimedia Commons))

Although it has been two years since their disbandment, Wonder Girls is a name that lives on. They are credited for helping pave the way for K-pop groups since 2007. They are the first-ever K-pop group to debut on the Billboard Hot 100 with "Nobody," helping assure K-pop's popularity in the West.



(Photo : MFDice (Wikimedia Commons))

KARA ranked number five on the list thanks to their overwhelming popularity in Japan. They are considered one of the most successful foreign girl groups in Japan and a pioneer in K-pop in the said country.

In addition, they are the first Korean girl group to perform at the Tokyo Dome, one of the areas that K-pop groups aspire to perform in.

4. 2NE1


(Photo : 월아조운 (Wikimedia Commons))

When 2NE1 first debuted, they were considered "monster rookies," and they lived up to their name until the end.

As one of the top 2nd generation girl groups, 2NE1 dominated the music scene with their musical color and strong concepts. Although they disbanded in 2016, the group is still considered legendary.

3. Girls' Generation

Girls' Generation

(Photo : Pabian (Wikimedia Commons))

Although it has been four years since Girls' Generation has promoted as a whole group, they continue to maintain their heat and influence in the industry.

Since their debut in 2007, Girls' Generation has proven their talent and earned the nickname "The Nation's Girl Group."

Girls' Generation is scheduled to make their first appearance as a whole group in four years on "Yoo Quiz On The Block" to celebrate their 14th debut anniversary.



(Photo : TWICE Twitter)

TWICE is one of the most successful third-generation K-pop groups, and they continue to dominate the market. Considered the second "Nation's Girl Group," TWICE has continuously set and broken many records in the industry. Each comeback TWICE makes headlines for their new releases and improved skills.

TWICE is set to release their first all-English single, "The Feels," in September 2021.



(Photo : BLACKPINK Twitter)

It is not surprising that BLACKPINK ranked at the top, as they are considered the world's biggest girl group at the top. Not only do the YG Entertainment girls dominate the domestic market with their strong charisma and style, but they have elevated their reputation to the international level.

The group has a huge fan base, with Western stars Ariana Grande, Ezra Miller, and Harry Styles even admitting they are fans of the group.

Source: kpopstarz