These 11 Idols Are The 'Royalties Family' And Representatives For K-pop

These 11 Idols Are The 'Royalties Family'  And Representatives For K-pop

These K-pop artists and groups just like the Kings, Queens, Princes, Princesses, and Representatives for K-pop!

In the music industry, media and fans use honorific names to point out an artist's significance and contributions of the artist for K-pop. In K-pop, the following groups and singers are given official honorific titles, just like the royal family!

1. BoA - "Queen of K-pop"

BoA is an artist under SM Entertainment who gives the chance for K-pop idols in the Japanese market, as well as in other Asian countries. Her impact in the early 2000's up-to-date is really huge, maintaining her influence and popularity even after 20 years.

Recently, she released her 10th Korean album, "Better," to celebrate her 20th debut anniversary.

2. Girls' Generation - "Nation's Girl Group"

Girls' Generation's impact is indeed significant in the popularity of Korean culture and the Hallyu Wave!

So they were referred to as "Nation's Singers," and their importance in the industry was recognized even by Korean post, that they even became the first Korean artist to have their official postage stamps!

3. Red Velvet - "Nation's Representative Group"

Also called the "Best Idol Group Alive," by Billboard, Red Velvet truly broke the girl group stereotypes by experimenting with various music genres.

Their music versatility also captured the attention of North Korea, the first group to perform in the capital since 2003!

4. BLACKPINK - "K-pop Queens" and "Biggest Girl Group in the World"

It's no doubt that BLACKPINK is currently one of the most prominent acts in the K-pop industry with a lot of records that helped in spreading the music genre and Korean culture around the world.

Their influence and power are also proved in numerous media such as in Forbes, Billboard, Rolling Stone,...etc.

5. TWICE - "Asia's No. 1 Girl Group"

TWICE is the No. 1 Girl Group of Asia!

This noble group's song played a key role during the campaign for the South Korean Presidential Election, both candidates using and modifying their song," Cheer up."

In Japan, TWICE is also the artist who helped on mending the relationship between Japan and Korea, opening the door of K-pop in Japan for girl groups once more.

6. TVXQ - "Emperor of K-pop"

TVXQ is one of the proprietors of K-pop that contributed massive success in the music scene!

The group's name means "Rising Gods of the East," and their lives up to this name as they are truly the superior idols that were looked up to by new idols.

7. BIGBANG - "Kings of K-pop"

The honorific nickname for "Kings of K-pop" is debatable, but BIGBANG's success is a huge indicator of how deserving they are for the title.

They are also cited as "K-pop icons," who are known for producing their own songs that inspired the younger generation of idols.

8. Super Junior - "King of Hallyu Wave"

Super Junior's greater contribution in the K-pop industry as one of the first second-generation groups gained them the title of "Hallyu Wave Kings."

From music and fashion, the group always receive recognition for their influence in these fields.

9. SHINee - "Princes of K-pop"

SHINee, who is deemed to be K-pop's Princes is not only popular for their wide music spectrum, but their fashion style as well.

Up until now, their debut song, "Replay" is one of the most iconic," and their outfits skinny jeans, high-top sneakers, and sweaters became a massive trend among Koreans, called, "SHINee trend."

10. EXO - "Nation's Pick" and "Global Pick"

The group is a huge asset of the industry in spreading the genre and culture of Korea. During their debut, EXO became the first group to sold over a million sales in 2001.

Their peak even gained SM Entertainment 31% of $188 million, their total revenue for the fourth quarter of 2018.

11. BTS - "Princes of Pop"

The Pop's Princes is known for doing and achieving things that no name in their genre can.

It's no doubt that they had achieved jaw-dropping records, including topping Billboard's "Hot 100," for the first time in the Korean music industry.

BTS also opened the way for K-pop to become the mainstream in the US, one of the first groups to successfully enter the global market as well.