Theory: Should BTS And BLACKPINK Be Together For Their Next Album?

Theory: Should BTS And BLACKPINK Be Together For Their Next Album?

Are you prepared enough if this happens?

The two Korean bands that have captured the world's attention nowadays, are no other than BTS and BLACKPINK. Both are ruling the charts all over the world and have sung some of the most memorable songs that have crossed more than a billion views on Youtube. In other words, if K-Pop is taking steps and steps spreading rapidly over the globe, then BTS and BLACKPINK are the solid names of outstanding examples.

BTS has created a stir in the music industry for its inspiration tracks. They always keep their fans motivated, and their songs talk about anti-violence and self-love. They are also a part of promoting mental health and wellness—no wonder the boys fans call themselves ARMY. The ARMY is enormous and spread wide across the globe.

BLACKPINK girls also are not far behind when it comes to popular songs. They have had the most significant international collaboration for Ice Cream with Selena Gomez and were topping the charts. When their hit song "Ddu-du-Ddu-du" released, they really succeeded in striking a strong and powerful movement towards the world's music. Their later songs like "Kill This Love", "How You Like That", "Lovesick Girls" are also created a storm in the whole music industry.

So what will the world do if these two groups decide to collaborate?

Not to mention anything about the music genre, styles or kinds of the song it might be, the collaboration itself is indeed a hit.

Not to wait for their official MV to drop, the live stream press before the G time will have the world-record views of audiences from all over the world.

And when it hit, make sure you prepare carefully for the explosive effects of the two biggest K-Pop combines together. They both have potent fandoms from various nationalities, so the views of the MV could probably be the highest ever that seems no one could break.

Which types of songs do you prefer? Will it be an upbeat song with a strong base and catchy chorus, plus the interesting drop, or a slow ballad with deep meaning and melting vocals of the members.

This EDM sound..

... Or more soulful like this...

Or else, a totally different style of song in comparison with other songs of them?

Nonetheless, it is just a theory that fans make up. It may happen or not, or happen but just not for now. It is pointless to predict the future so what fans should do now is taking this article as an entertaining thing to read and keep on supporting your beloved idol groups.


BTS And BLACKPINK Make Rolling Stone’s “The 50 Best Songs Of 2020” List

BTS and BLACKPINK were the only Korean artists to make Rolling Stone’s “The 50 Best Songs of 2020” list.

BLACKPINK came in on the list at No. 13 with “Ice Cream,” their summer collaboration with Selena Gomez that was also included in their eight-track “THE ALBUM.” Rolling Stone mentions the co-writing credit from Ariana Grande and describes it as a “power move on the American airwaves” from “the Korean girl-group queens.”

BTS’s “Dynamite” came in on the list at No. 7, their first all-English single released in August that was also included on their latest album “BE.” Rolling Stone mentions how “Dynamite” made history by giving BTS their first No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 (also a first for an all-Korean act), and describes the single as “unmistakably the sound of BTS, tapping into the spirit of Eighties disco,” and highlights Jungkook’s opening lines (in which he name-drops the words ‘Rolling Stone’).

BTS also previously made Rolling Stone’s list of the “The 50 Best Albums of 2020” with “Map of the Soul: 7.”