The Only 6 Girl Groups To Chart On The “Billboard 200” So Far

The Only 6 Girl Groups To Chart On The “Billboard 200” So Far

The first was all the way back in 2012!

Every week, Billboard publishes a list of the top albums in the United States on their famous Billboard 200 chart. K-Pop girl groups have been charting on the Billboard 200 since 2012, and they’re only rising higher each year. That said, there are still very few acts that have managed to achieve this accolade. Here are the only six girl groups to make it onto the ranking so far.


To date, BLACKPINK has the most Billboard 200 entries out of all K-Pop girl groups. They first reached the chart in 2019 when Square Up peaked at no.40. Then, in 2019, Kill This Love made it to no.24. Of course, their highest ranking so far was with The Album. The Album hit it all the way to no.2 and stayed on the chart for 26 weeks, making it the highest and longest charting Billboard 200 album in girl group history.

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Just last year, TWICE recorded their first two entries on the Billboard 200. More & More just made it in at no.200 back in June. Then, in December, Eyes Wide Open peaked at no.72.

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Most recently, ITZY finally got their first Billboard 200 entry earlier this month. Their latest mini-album, Guess Who, made it to no.148 in May 2021.

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4. Girls’ Generation

As a group, Girls’ Generation’s first Billboard 200 album came in 2014 when Mr.Mr. reached no.110 on the chart. However, the group’s first subunit—Girls’ Generation-TTS with Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun—charted Twinkle at no.126 two years earlier. As such, Girls’ Generation-TTS was actually the first girl group to reach the Billboard 200.

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Alongside ITZY, LOONA is the only fourth-generation girl group to make it onto the Billboard 200. In 2020, 12:00 made it to no.112.

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6. 2NE1

Last but not least, 2NE1 also got one of their albums onto the Billboard 200. In 2014, Crush peaked at no.61.

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