The “2021 New Year’s Eve Live” BigHit Entertainment Joint Concert is Boycotted and The Reason

The “2021 New Year’s Eve Live” BigHit Entertainment Joint Concert is Boycotted and The Reason

ARMYs Start A Boycott Of The “2021 New Year’s Eve Live” BigHit Entertainment Joint Concert, and they do not support it.

Before that, it was reported that due to the expensive prices and unsatisfactory location choice for the 2021 New Year’s Eve Live, Korean fans of BigHit Entertainment‘s artists were mad at the company. On 13 November 2020, the BTS Gallery Fan Union uploaded a petition to boycott the concert.

The union announced that “the BTS Gallery Fan Union will be boycotting the BigHit Label Concert that has been planned for 31 December 2020“. And the reasons for the boycott were listed as translated below.

1. This would be the first offline concert since covid19

Because of the worldwide pandemic, BTS was unable to organize offline concerts for about a year. Fans have been waiting for a very long time to join an offline concert that is able to connect the singers and fans. As such, fans can not accept the fact that not only is the concert on a smaller scale than usual, it is also a joint concert rather than a solo concert.

2. The appropriateness of the BigHit Label Concert

The singers under the label currently have not been active “under the same company” for a long time, it's not the same as other companies’ singers. They are simply singers that have gathered under the premise of expanding the business. Both the singers and fans have yet to feel that they are truly under the same company. Hence, a label concert at this point seems that it is just for the sake of media play at this point. Fans are especially dumbfounded at how the company already plans on having this family concert yearly.

3. The outrageously expensive ticket prices

Fans are dissatisfied with the price of the tickets. The pricing of the joint concert is ₩270,000 KRW ($242 USD). Neither BTS concert tickets nor other singers’ tickets, even for family concerts, have been priced as such. There has also been no information about the total running time for the concert or the order of artists performing.

4. The startling randomized ticketing

To get the tickets it's just like winning the lottery, and it is limited only to the official Fanclub. However, for singers without official fan clubs such as Lee Hyun and Beom Joo, how will their fans attend the concert?

The union also states that they are opposed to BTS being a part of the 2021 New Year’s Eve Live concert. With the ticketing opening soon, BigHit Entertainment has yet to respond to the union’s official petition.