Sunmi unveils the 'pporappippam' challenge on TikTok

Sunmi unveils the 'pporappippam' challenge on TikTok

Sunmi announced the start of the new song "pporappippam" challenge through video sharing platform TikTok on June 24th....

Sunmi announced the start of the new song "pporappippam" challenge through video sharing platform TikTok on June 24th. In addition, part of Sunmi's new song "pporappippam" which is scheduled to be released on the 29th, has been pre-released through TikTok, drawing more attention.


Sunmi appears with her face covered in her hat in the video with the message, "Oh my dear, even if you're all gone when you open your eyes and get messed up, do the #pporappippamChallenge". Sunmi, who threw off her hat at the start of the song, showed off her lovely charm by shaking her body to the new song "pporappippam".

In the video, Sunmi styled a blue dress with a flower pattern, boasting a cool and refreshing charm. In particular, various poses such as drawing a hand heart or covering the face in the video are raising questions about how the moves in the challenge will be related to the choreography of the new song.


Also, attention is being paid to which artists will participate during Sunmi's "pporappippam" challenge.

"Pporappippam" is known to have been co-produced by Sunmi herself, and the songwriting is known to be a song that she collaborated with FRANTS, which showed cheerful breathing in her previous works such as "Siren" and "LALALAY," and has been receiving heated responses even before its release.


Earlier, Sunmi released a teaser image featuring a variety of charms such as seductive, refreshing and lovely, raising questions about her new song.

Sunmi also announced that she will hold a large-scale online showcase on May 29. From 2 p.m., Sunmi will hold an online press showcase and from 7 p.m., an online fan showcase for fans will be broadcast live.

Recently, Sun-mi appeared on the web entertainment show "The Real World" and SBS human documentary show "Sun-mi's Video Store" in many ways. Unlike charisma on stage, "The Real World" gave off the charm of human Sunmi, while "Sunmi Video Store" received favorable reviews for its stable hosting of the first MC challenge.

Sunmi became the "Solo Queen" after her transfer to the agency, succeeding in consecutive box office hits with a trilogy of "Gashina," "Heroine" and "Siren."

In particular, the new term "sunmi-pop" has been born, capturing the public's hearts with its unconventional stage performance, grip and solid concept, making it an unrivaled move with music that firmly captures its own identity. Public interest is mounting over what Sunmi, who has continued to grow in music, will show through her new song "pporappippam."

Meanwhile, Sunmi will make a comeback with her new song "pporappippam" at 6 p.m. on the 29th.