Story of Crush’s Ideal Type: From Red Velvet Irene to Joy

Story of Crush’s Ideal Type: From Red Velvet Irene to Joy

From revealing his ideal type was Red Velvet member Irene to dating Joy, this is the story of how Crush's preferences changed. Keep on reading for all the details.

Crush Once Revealed His Ideal Type Was Red Velvet Irene

Back in November 2018, Crush appeared on an episode of MBC's "Radio Star." During his appearance on the show, MC Kim Gura asked the rapper about his ideal type. When he replied that his ideal type is someone who works hard and is good at her job, the MC's asked him to be more specific.

He then stated his ideal type was Red Velvet member Irene. He then shared an anecdote of how that came to be.

Crush Irene

(Photo : Sports Chosun (Provided by MBC))

He revealed that during the time he was promoting with Zion.T as a duo, Red Velvet was promoting at the same time. At one time, Irene had passed by the two, and Crush accidentally said out loud, "Wow, she is gorgeous!"

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He revealed he had never done such a thing before and did not say it for her to hear. Instead, Crush claims it just flew out of his mouth. When asked what happened after, Crush replied that Irene smiled and kept walking.

How Did Crush's Ideal Type Change to Become Red Velvet Joy?

In May 2020, it was announced that Crush had asked Red Velvet member Joy to feature on the title track of his new album, "Homemade 1." The female idol agreed, and the two released the song "Mayday." Upon release, the song topped multiple domestic charts.

Following the release of the song, Crush made another appearance on "Radio Star." He recalled that he said his ideal type was Irene during his last appearance, a member of the girl group Joy was in. However, he noted that he said that before ever working with Joy.

On Radio Star, Joy revealed that she had seen the episode of "Radio Star" where Crush named Irene as his ideal type. He admitted he was flustered when Joy revealed that she had seen the episode and that she had asked if Irene was still his ideal type.

Crush Joy

(Photo : Insight (Provided by MBC))

He then revealed on "Radio Star" that his ideal type was no longer Irene, but Joy!

Red Velvet Joy and Crush Confirmed to Be Dating

On August 23, Sports Chosun revealed an exclusive report claiming Red Velvet's Joy and Crush were in a relationship and became closer due to their love for their pets.

Joy Crush

(Photo : Joy Instagram)

After verifying the facts, both P Nation (Crush's agency) and SM Entertainment (Joy's agency) confirmed that the two ideals recently began dating after starting out as seniors and juniors.

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Congratulations to the new couple!

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