Still in the Halloween Spirit? Here is top 10 K-Pop Songs That Suit the Spooky Mood

Still in the Halloween Spirit? Here is top 10 K-Pop Songs That Suit the Spooky Mood

Are you still feeling the Halloween vibes?

Here are ten K-pop songs that will keep the spooky spirit alive!

1. Dreamcatcher - 'Scream'

Dreamcatcher released "Scream" in February 2020 as the lead single of their first studio album "Dystopia: The Tree of Language."

The girl group sticks to their horror concept and usage of fantasy stories for this comeback while giving metaphoric commentary on online bullying and the ills of internet social media.

2. Red Velvet - 'RBB (Really Bad Boy)'

Red Velvet released "RBB (Really Bad Boy" in November 2018 as the lead single of their eighth mini-album "RBB." The music video is Halloween-themed, consisting of a werewolf (the bad boy) chasing and haunting the Red Velvet members in Howliwood (a wordplay of howl and Hollywood). The music video also includes a reference to the 1980 horror film "The Shining."

3. PURPLE KISS - 'Zombie'

PURPLE KISS released "Zombie" in September 2020 as the lead single of their second mini-album "Hide & Seek." The song "Zombie" was co-written by member Yuki and labelmate CyA. The song itself is colorful and humourous while still having an air of mystery and charisma to it.

4. (G)I-DLE - 'Oh my god'

(G)I-DLE released "Oh my god" in April 2020 as the lead single of their third mini-album, "I Trust." The song talks about the feelings of rejection and dignity, with the fantasy-like mood being the highlight of the track.

According to Soyeon, the lyrics talk about love in many forms. The music video contains dark visual elements that represent ego confusion, which is shown through the use of purple liquid, red mud, black body paint, and red liquid over their faces.

5. Gain - 'Paradise Lost'

"Paradise Lost" was released in March 2015 as one of the singles in Gain's fifth mini-album "Hawwah." The song was inspired by an epic poem of the same name by John Milton. "Paradise Lost" shows Adam (the first man) and Hawwah exiled from the Garden of Eden after falling prey to the serpent's temptation. The music video was dubbed "one of the darkest K-pop must videos of 2015" by Fuse TV.


TWICE released "CRY FOR ME" in December 2020 as a digital single and pre-release for their next album. Lyrically, "CRY FOR ME" describes a toxic love-hate relationship. The song shows a couple that has already broken up, and though the female love interest has experienced heartbreak, the male interest has not shown any emotion concerning the separation.

7. BTS - 'Blood, Sweat & Tears'

BTS released "Blood, Sweat &Tears" in October 2016 as the lead single of their second studio album "Wings." According to RM, "Blood, Sweat & Tears" is a song that discusses how one thinks, chooses, and grows, noting how temptation is hard to resist. Lyrically, the song talks about the pain of addictive love, addressing the themes of temptation and carnal willingness to sacrifice everything.

8. ENHYPEN - 'Given-Taken'

ENHYPEN released "Given-Taken" in November 2020 as the lead single of their debut mini-album "BORDER: DAY ONE." The boys kicked off their vampire concept with this single, and some of the lyrics reference the concept.

However, the song also conveys ENHYPEN's doubt about whether their debut was "given" or if they have "taken" the opportunity as their own.

9. VIXX - 'Chained Up'

VIXX released "Chained Up" in November 2015 as the lead single of their second studio album, also titled "Chained Up." The music video and the song are more mature than the other songs on this list, referencing BDSM. Besides that, the song talks about being imprisoned in love. In the music video, the members of VIXX are seen in different rooms, with each room representing a member's fear.

10. KARD - 'You in Me'

KARD released "You in Me" in November 2017 as the lead single of their second mini-album "You & Me." In the music video, the girls of the group, Somin and Jiwoo are seen with B.M and J.Seph, respectively, in two different rooms.

While the girls continue to be affectionate to the boys, the latter two refuse to move or acknowledge them.

Later on, they turn gray, as if they are dead. This signifies that their relationship is dead despite the girls' attachment to their past lovers.