SF9 Sets New Record for First-Week Sales with 10th Mini-Album 'Rumination'

SF9 Sets New Record for First-Week Sales with 10th Mini-Album 'Rumination'

Congratulations, SF9!

SF9 has once again set a new personal record with their recent album release, "Rumination."

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SF9 Sets New Record for First-Week Sales with 10th Mini-Album 'Rumination'

On November 30, KST, the largest record sales site in South Korea, Hanteo Chart, announced that FNC Entertainment's boy group SF9 and their tenth mini-album "RUMINATION," recorded a first-week sales figure of over 168,000 album copies, including the album sales figure upon its release date.

This also marks a new career-high for the nine-member group following their ninth mini-album "Turn Over," which recorded also recorded twice the initial first-week sales of around 143,000 compared to the album before that.


(Photo : Facebook: SF9)

In addition, according to the first-week sales data provided by Hanteo Chart, SF9 topped the weekly physical album chart for the fourth week of November, dated from November 22 to 28.

With this album, SF9 has been showing tremendous growth with each album release.

In fact, the "Tear Drop" singers recorded a whopping 247 percent increase in the sales for "Rumination," compared to the first week sales of their first full-album, "First Collection," which was released back in January 2020.

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(Photo : Facebook: SF9)

Aside from their domestic album sales, "Rumination" is also showing popularity internationally, with the album ranking first on several albums and song charts on iTunes in 14 different regions and countries, including Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Meanwhile, "Rumination" came four months after SF9 released "Turn Over" back in July of this year.

The album, which was released back on November 22, contains a total of seven tracks: "Trauma," "Memory," "Dreams," "Gentleman," "On and On," "Scenario," and "For Fantasy."

SF9 Releases Performance Video for 'Trauma'

Meanwhile on November 30 KST, SF9 released the performance video for their title track "Trauma."

The performance video features SF9 performing in the middle, while chairs and tables are scattered and floating around the place.

The members also present two outfit themes - one in red and black, and the other in white and black - which consists of leather and see-through pieces.

With a big space to perform, the nine members and their backup dancers showed off a powerful dance performance.

Watch the performance video here:

FNC Entertainment Responds to Reports Regarding Rowoon's Vaccination Status

Back on November 25, Rowoon had revealed during a fan call event that he hadn't been vaccinated yet, saying, "I haven't had the time, so I haven't got my vaccination yet. I also heard that when you get the vaccine, you will have to rest for a few days. I have been getting my PCR tests every two days."

Following the revelation, Rowoon was met with criticism online due to his active schedule as both an actor and idol despite being unvaccinated.


(Photo : Instagram: @ewsbdi)

FNC Entertainment later issued a statement stating that an appointment for his vaccination had already been set. However, as he was unable to adjust his broadcast schedule, his appointment kept getting delayed.

"We are currently in the middle of adjusting his schedule so he can get vaccinated. He will complete his vaccination as soon as he can," the label said.