Sandara Park Reveals YG Entertainment's Strict Management

Sandara Park Reveals YG Entertainment's Strict Management

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During her appearance on MBC's "I Live Alone," Sandara Park talked about YG Entertainment's strict management and what she does to get rid of stress whenever she has schedules overseas.

Sandara Park Shares What It Was like Being under YG Entertainment's Strict Management

On the afternoon of Nov. 26, MBC's "I Live Alone" presented Sandara Park's home for the first time. The former 2NE1 member is living by herself and it is the first time in 38 years that she became independent as she was living with her family and her bandmates in the past.

Sandara Park

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Sandara Park

In addition to having a tour around Sandara Park's home, the female idol, who is now under ABYSS Company, talked about the time she was still managed by YG Entertainment particularly the agency's strict management.

The "Fire" singer shared that there was prohibition in some aspects that kept her from having fun outside the company.

"It was not a prison but I couldn't go out of the dorm, I couldn't go to a club or play," Sandara Park revealed. She continued that there was no way to relieve her stress because she was under YG Entertainment's strict management.

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Later on, Park unveiled what she does to reduce her stress whenever she gets the chance to fly to other countries for a business trip.

"So, when I went on a business trip abroad, I relieved my stress by going shopping. I don't drink or play, it was just all about shopping," Dara said.

Sandara Park on MBC I Live Alone

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Sandara Park was under YG Entertainment for a total of 17 years since she became a trainee in 2004 and later debuted as a 2NE1 member in 2009.

In May this year, she decided to part ways with the agency following the expiration of her exclusive contract.

Currently, the "I Am the Best" singer is managed by ABYSS Company, home to singers Sunmi and GOT7 BamBam.

What is your comment on YG Entertainment being strict to its artist when it comes to going out the label or their dorm?

Sandara Park Talks about Starting Anew after Leaving YG Entertainment

In September, Sandara Park shared her thoughts on making a fresh start following her departure from YG Entertainment during her interview with Dazed Korea magazine.

The K-pop star confessed that she was worried at first about her new beginning at a new agency but she went on to unveil that her concerns had been for nothing.

Dara said, "I was nervous about what it would be like making a new start but the artists, staff and CEO of my new company have been so welcoming and unsparing in their support."

She continued that her fans send flowers to the ABYSS Company office so, she's spending her days happily. Because of the love and support she is getting from the agency, she stated that she no longer find the label unfamiliar.

Toward the end of her interview with Dazed Korea, Sandara Park hinted at making her long-awaited comeback as a singer with her first solo album.

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