Ryujin (ITZY) shows off bright and sexy smile in new V-pose

Ryujin (ITZY) shows off bright and sexy smile in new V-pose

Ryujin (ITZY) - a member of girl group ITZY - shared about her recent situation to congratulate on new her group's MV view-record through some of the photos that made fans lose heart.

On September 28, through the official SNS of girl group ITZY, Ryujin posted photos of herself. In the released photos, she is posing in a variety of poses.





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Ryujin once again attracted the attention of fans by showing off her sexy beauty with a cold expression or bright smiling while facing the camera.

On the other hand, ITZY has achieved 100 million views with the 4 MV practice for ‘Not Shy’. The MV for the title song of the same name of the mini album vol.3 'Not Shy' released on August 17 reached 100 million views on YouTube at 6:50 pm (KST) September 27 after 41 days and 50 minutes.

Thus, ITZY has had 4 MVs exceeding hundreds of millions of views from ‘Dalla Dalla’, ‘ICY’, ‘WannaBe’ to ‘Not Shy’.