NU'EST Baekho Didn't Quit 'Produce 101': Dispatch Shines New Light On Vote Manipulation

NU'EST Baekho Didn't Quit 'Produce 101': Dispatch Shines New Light On Vote Manipulation

On November 20, as Kang Dong Ho (NU'EST Baekho) is being falsely criticized for the 'Produce 101' vote manipulation case, media outlet Dispatch published an article proving PD Ahn Joon Young's words are all lies and excuses.

Obviously, the truth is that Kang Dong Ho is a victim and Ahn Joon Young is the perpetrator.

The court also judged that Kang Dong Ho is a "victim". According to the appellate court's ruling obtained by Dispatch, Ahn Joon Young and others manipulated the results of the vote to play dirty tricks on trainees and deprive them of their opportunities.

"Among the trainees affected, I manipulated the results of the fourth round of 'Season 2' and eliminated Kang Dong Ho."

But now, Kang Dong Ho is under harsh criticism. This is like an excuse for ranking manipulation. This is Ahn's crude excuse. It is an attempt to reduce his sentence.

Ahn Joon Young destroyed Kang Dong Ho twice. He manipulated the final ranking and eliminated him. In other words, he trampled on his "sweat". He sold Kang Dong Ho to survive. He used Kang Dong Ho's "pain" as an excuse for manipulation.

Ahn Joon Young, and the production team of Mnet, knew everything at the time: the fact that Kang Dong Ho suffered from anxiety disorder. In fact, Kang Dong Ho once collapsed on the street during filming. Dispatch has secured testimony from a 'Produce 101' season 2 staff.

"We were filming a VCR in Cheongdam-dong, and Kang Dong-ho suddenly collapsed on the road, saying he couldn't breathe. A staff there called an ambulance for Kang Dong Ho. It was a very urgent situation."

Kang Dong Ho's diagnosis at the hospital was anxiety disorder. He participated in 'Produce 101' by taking tranquilizers, while competing with many others.

A close friend to Kang Dong Ho told Dispatch that, "NU'EST is everything for Dong Ho. They are his best friends and brothers. He lost a lot of mental strength because He had to compete with his own members for the rankings."

"NU'EST is a hard-working group. They relied on each other. They participated in 'Produce 101' thinking it was their last chance. Even though they were determined to do so, the pain was hard to handle."

Kang Dong Ho once confessed his feelings to a high-ranking official. He nodded when the company asked, "Are you having a hard time these days?" But he then said, "I don't mind being eliminated now. I just need NU'EST to be well known again. That's enough for me."

Pledis actively helped Kang Dong Ho's treatment. They also tipped off Mnet about his condition. The problem was the way Ahn Joon Young twisted the truth. He turned "I don't mind being eliminated now" into "I want to be eliminated now".

In May 2017, at the Samsan Gymnasium in Incheon, the two ran into each other in the hallway. Ahn Joon Young asked, "Did you say you wanted to be eliminated?" Kang Dong Ho replied, "I have no regrets even if I am eliminated now."

And two years later, that answer became Ahn Joon Young's excuse for manipulation. Throughout the investigation, Ahn Joon Young abused his sincerity, saying, "The trainee's ranking was changed because he wanted to drop out."

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The court did not acknowledge Ahn Joon Young's claim. Ahn Joon Young was clearly identified as the perpetrator and Kang Dong Ho as the victim.

"In order for Ahn Joon Young's logic to be established, Kang Dong Ho should have been recognized as an accomplice, and he should have become a suspect," lawyer Bang Jung hyun said. "But neither the investigative agency nor the court acknowledged Ahn Joon Young's claim at all."

Ahn Joon Young sold Kang Dong Ho to reduce his crime. Only a few netizens have adopted Ahn Joon Young's excuse. He then uses this criticism as a weapon against Kang Dong Ho.

A close acquaintance to Kang Dong Ho expressed his regret, "Kang Dong Ho's every minute is undoubtedly sincere. Dong Ho once said, 'It was hard, but I did my best to finish the competition. So I'm not ashamed of every single vote I got'."