NMIXX’s Latest Single “Dice” Receives Mixed Reviews, Fans Demand A Change In The Group’s Musical Direction

NMIXX’s Latest Single “Dice” Receives Mixed Reviews, Fans Demand A Change In The Group’s Musical Direction

“Please, if you want them to succeed, they need more mainstream songs.”

NMIXX fans are stating that the group’s musical direction should appeal to a wider audience for the group to succeed.

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JYP Entertainment‘s newest girl group has yet to find its stride, and fans are worried that they will be left behind in the race for fourth-generation supremacy.

Although it has been less than a year since their debut, time is a rare and fickle commodity in the world of K-Pop as girl group NewJeans has taken all but two months since their debut this July to become one of the fastest-rising groups in all of K-Pop. This is especially true considering IVE, which debuted just two months prior to NMIXX, has become one of K-Pop’s biggest acts. In comparison, JYP’s rookie group has yet to make a similar impact. The urgency is compounded when considering YG Entertainment has yet to debut their offering for the fourth generation, which industry consensus agrees, are expected to be worthy of being BLACKPINK’s direct hoobaes.

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Many NMIXX fans are blaming JYP Entertainment’s musical direction for the group as the reason why the group isn’t attracting a larger audience. The group’s debut single “O.O” was also criticized as too niche upon its release. Fans are concerned the group’s concept of “Mix-Pop,” or mixing tempos, themes, and even concepts within one song, is suffocating the group’s potential.

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On September 19, the group returned with their single “Dice.” The song is a high-tempo mash-up of rap verses and horn acoustics before transitioning into a heavy synth-laden digital mash in the vein of the group’s “Mix-Pop” concept. In an industry that so heavily relies on repetition, ironically a formula that was JYP’s signature in the second-third generation, NMIXX’s music so readily shuffles entire musical themes in 40-50 second movements. Although ambitious, fans aren’t very impressed.

Fans gathered on online forums to bemoan the musical direction of the group, leaving scathing reviews of the group’s latest offering.

  • “At this point, the NMIXX members were scammed by JYP Entertainment. They probably practiced watching groups like TWICE and ITZY. If they continue to release music like this, the popular masses are going to ignore them even more. If they release another song like this, I think JYP Entertainment is going to lose the title of girl-group powerhouse.”
  • “How in the world can they release this wack @ss music? I bet the group was shocked when they first heard it.”
  • “I am listening to it now, and I don’t know what I am listening to.”
  • “Please, if you want them to succeed, they need more mainstream songs.”
  • “There is not one part of the song that I find catchy.”

The top comments in another post yielded similar criticism.

  • “I feel so bad for Sullyoon. She could be the center of any group, yet due to being in JYP Entertainment, she flopped.”
  • “There is nothing to say other than that it is wack. It is so wack. This isn’t to hate on them, but I don’t know what I just listened to.”
  • “I hoped it would be different this time, but my hopes are ruined.”
  • “How can you give us something worse than ‘o.o’? They say it gets better over time, but I don’t want to listen to it again.”

What are your thoughts? Check out the group’s MV for “Dice” in the link below.

Source: Koreaboo