NewJeans Open Up About Their Creative Involvement In Their Debut Songs

NewJeans Open Up About Their Creative Involvement In Their Debut Songs

They all were eager to support each other.

NewJeans recently made their debut, catching everyone off guard by “surprise-[dropping] their first music video on YouTube with zero hype, news or previously released information.


In a recent interview with Billboard about the rookie group’s success, NewJeans opened up about their involvement in the music creation process.


Hanni, who was credited with co-writing “Hype Boy,” explained that all of the members were tasked with trying to write lyrics.

[Writing lyrics] was a task from CEO Min, as she wanted to see how we would interpret the songs and also wanted to use our lyrics in the songs as well! Lucky enough, Danielle’s lyrics got selected, and so did mine! — Hanni

Hanni’s inspiration for her “Hype Boy” lyrics came from the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

When I first heard ‘Hype Boy,’ it really reminded me of when Alice falls into the rabbit hole and it looks like the objects around her are moving in slow motion with the sound of the clock ticking. It felt like that, if I had to explain visually. So I kind of wanted the lyrics to portray time being out of my control. That’s why I wrote ‘got me chasing a daydream.’ — Hanni


Meanwhile, Danielle admitted that she has “always been interested in writing lyrics and composition.”


The members’ individuality and creativity were also featured in their recording process, as Haerin explained that she “thought a lot about how to sing” to create the right atmosphere for the listener.

There were four tracks to record, and while recording them, I thought a lot about how to sing so that the listener would feel at ease but still find the songs catchy. We all learned a lot watching each other record and hearing all those details made me think about how best to approach each song. — Haerin


Minji also shared that all of the members supported each other during the recordings, which “was an opportunity” for them to grow as artists.

It was so fun. We all watched each other throughout the whole recording process and got a better sense of what makes one another’s vocals unique. It was an opportunity for each of us to learn more about ourselves too. — Minji

The idol also expressed her pride in herself and her members for working hard and improving to put out the best possible songs.


With the creative talent NewJeans are already showing, fans have a lot to look forward to in the future.

Source: Koreaboo