List Of New Girl Groups Planning To Debut In 2021: From SM, Big Hit And More

List Of New Girl Groups Planning To Debut In 2021: From SM, Big Hit And More

In the past 2 years, K-Pop has been witnessing the birth of many rookie groups from many companies. And next year, it i...

In the past 2 years, K-Pop has been witnessing the birth of many rookie groups from many companies. And next year, it is expected that the rookie battle will continue to be no less exciting, especially among new girl groups, as big entertainment companies have soon shared their plans in debuting new artists.

Let's check out the list of entertainment companies that plan to release new girl groups next year!

SM Entertainment


SM Entertainment's intention to debut new girl groups has been rumored for years. So far, there is no official information about the debut date and line up of the Red Velvet's sister group, but with SM confirming the plan to debut a new girl group, many fans believe this girl group will be launched later this year or early next year.

Some of SM's famous trainees are said to be debuting in the company's next new girl group, including Yoo Jimin. However, after her recent scandal, netizens are now hoping that SM will not let this trainee debut if they do not want the group's image to be heavily affected.

Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music

Since 2019, Big Hit Entertainment and Source Music have jointly implemented the project "Plus Global Audition" in 16 cities around the world to find quality candidates for their new girl group. The project has given these two companies many potential faces, and the selected trainees quickly started training with the goal of debuting in 2021. It is known that Min Hee Jin - a former creative director of SM and currently the brand manager for Big Hit's subsidiary, will in charge of building a good image for this girl group, while Bang Shi Hyuk will be the music producer.



After 'I-LAND' ended in September this year, BE:LIFT LAB - a joint venture of Big Hit Entertainment and CJ ENM, announced plans to work on a female version of the survival show. It is likely that the show will air next year, and the girl group coming out of this survival show will also debut in 2021.



WM Entertainment

Six years after Oh My Girl's debut, WM Entertainment is expected to introduce a new girl group next year. It is likely that Lee Chaeyeon will also debut with this girl group after IZ*ONE's active period ends (IZ*ONE's contract will expire in April 2021).



Starship Entertainment

Just like Lee Chaeyeon, Jang Wonyoung and Ahn Yujin are expected to debut once again soon after their contracts with IZ*ONE expire. Starship Entertainment's new girl group debut plan soon received a lot of attention from the audience with the presence of these two young idols.


Mystic Story

In February this year, Mystic Story, a subsidiary of SM, created an Instagram account named Mystic Rookies and introduced 7 potential trainees that may be debuting in their new girl group. It is possible to recognize many familiar faces appearing in the rookie lineup that Mystic introduced, such as Takeuchi Miyu (former AKB48 member, 18th place overall in 'Produce 48'), Moon Sua (former YG trainee, 4th place in 'Unpretty Rapstar', ASTRO Moonbin's younger sister)…. It is expected that the new girl group of Mystic Story will debut early next year.

RBW Entertainment

Among the faces that will debut next year, PURPLE K!SS is one of the rare girl groups that have announced their official lineup and name. MAMAMOO's sister group also released the debut trailer and individual teaser for the members. PURPLE K!SS consists of 7 members, including faces that are familiar to audiences through the reality show 'Produce 48' such as Na Goeun (29th place) and Park Jieun (80th place).