Netizens Show Suspect Towards Real Estate Speculating Denial Of SNSD's Taeyeon

Netizens Show Suspect Towards Real Estate Speculating Denial Of SNSD's Taeyeon

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Recently, Girls' Generation member Taeyeon's name was mentioned in the list of individuals who recently fell victim to a real estate scam.

On October 28 KST, one exclusive media outlet reported that a famous Hallyu star belonging to a girl group suffered financial damages from a real estate scam worth 250 billion won (~$213 million USD). According to the police, they reported that the total number of victims in this scam amounted to around 3,000 individuals. Further, it was reported that the person who initiated the fraud mobilized famous comedians from the KBS broadcast station to induce investments from the wealthy.

Later, there were speculations that the famous Hallyu star who invested and suffered financial damages of 1.1 billion won (~$937,462 USD) was Taeyeon. In response, Taeyeon personally wrote on her Instagram denying that she had taken part in any real estate investment for profit. She explained that she had bought the land in hopes of building a house for her family.

However, netizens are not buying Taeyeon's reasons for purchasing the land and her denial that she did not take part in real estate investment for a profit.

Netizens commented:

"To be honest, I'm baffled every time I look at her explanation. I mean you can find out information on a piece of land if you do some research but she just bought without any inquiries? To be honest, the police already marked this as planned investment realty and began investigating it. That's how this was revealed,"

"I'm a fan of hers but if you were going to buy a piece of land to build a house on, you would do thorough research. You can get documents for land easily. From what I heard, the investors began questioning the realty company because the land they invested in wasn't getting developed,"

"Let's say it was just an investment for her to live in, but it's weird she didn't do any thorough research before investing 1.1 Billion KRW. Her buying land that cannot be developed means that she received some tip that it will be open for development or something,"

"I don't believe her. She bought the land that was only worth 400 million KRW for 1.1 Billion KRW. She says she wasn't investing in realty for a profit?"

Source: allkpop