Netizens React To The Members' Voracious Appetites In 'In The SOOP Seventeen Ver.'

Netizens React To The Members' Voracious Appetites In 'In The SOOP Seventeen Ver.'

JTBC's 'In the SOOP Seventeen Ver' is a reality show in which the members of the group go into the forest on a group trip.

​​​​​​The concept is to do activities that are "somewhere between everyday life and relaxation". The first season premiered in August of 2021, and season 2 premiered on January 28, 2023.

However in season 2, viewers noticed that there was a specific activity that seemed to get the most screen time: meal prep and eating.

Upon arriving, the members immediately start on getting Jjolmyun and tonkatsu ready. (Which later became Jjolmyun and mandu instead).

Other member who were working out decide to get some protein and decide on cooking meat. However one of the members say just meat won't be enough and starts persuading the others to eat bibimbap as well.

At the same time, some other members who decided they wanted to have a drink start making budaejjigae (Korean army stew) in a pot.

When all of a sudden a coconut chicken soup appears out of nowhere. It must've been good because when one of them taste the soup, he says to save the broth after everyone's done eating.

Now the real dinner menu preparations begin.
There's meat cooking both inside and outside.

After drinking for awhile, they also decide to make a kimchi mandu soup with kimchi made by one of the member's grandmothers.

The next morning, the first member up makes spicy stir fried chicken, and is joined by other members. As they're eating they decide to turn it into a fried rice.

Other members wake up and start making instant ramen to their own tastes to cure their hangovers. There's also a ramen that's made with coconut water and meatballs. In the end they ended up also adding rice into their ramen.

Main menu for the day is back ribs. Of course they needed to have many different flavor profiles for their ribs as well.

Also featured was an abalone soft tofu soup, and a spicy pork stir fry.

They then ask if anyone wants instant fire noodles topped with corn cheese.

Just when you think it's all over, there's a second round of spicy pork stir fry, and of course fried rice.
Followed by marshmallows by the fire, and after a nice nap, some fried chicken bites.

The following morning was no less impressive with a meal of scrambled eggs with green onion, and Chinese style Jjajang noodles.

Netizens were impressed with the amount of food and the vast variety of foods that were consumed by the group.

"The menu is so diverse hahahahaha"

"Ah, I want to be in Seventeen too."

"This isn't even all of it. The fact that this is only up to episode 4 is the best part haha"

"This is why I paid for 'In the SOOP' even though I'm not a Carat hahaha"

"I'm so curious about adding the coconut water."

"What's more amazing is that they can digest all of this in that time hahahaha"

"Even when the (amount of) food goes down, the rice keeps coming out hahaha"

"What kind of cuisine hahaha every time I scroll down something new pops out."

"My mouth started watering as soon as I started watching."

"Why are they so good at cooking hahaha It's amazing that there always ingredients to make food hahaha"

"They not only eat so well, but they eat so enthusiastically."

'In the SOOP Seventeen Ver' can be seen on JTBC or an extended version of the episodes can be purchased on Weverse.

​Source: Allkpop