Netizens React To BLACKPINK Lisa Buying A New House

Netizens React To BLACKPINK Lisa Buying A New House

It was earlier announced that BLACKPINK's Lisa just bought a new luxury home in Korea, and netizens had a lot of thoughts.

Some netizens jokingly posted about the news, saying, "BLACKPINK's contract renewal is confirmed."

Netizens had varying reactions to the post, and said,

"What does buying a house have anything to do with renewing contracts..?"

"Wow, Lisa is truly the picture of young and rich, she's so cool."

"See I knew Lisa wasn't going to leave Korea, she loves being in Korea. Even if she leaves YG, she wouldn't leave Korea."

"Lisa, do you need a house cleaner T T"

"Lisa's really kind and talented, and she’s always so good to her fans~ As a fan I hope she continues to like Korea and keep making music for a long time."

"With Lisa's fortune, something like that is pretty frugal."

"Honestly, it would be weird if BLACKPINK didn't renew. BLACKPINK can just live off of their name, Instagram revenue, and other advertising revenue."

BLACKPINK's contract with YG is set to end this year, and there is no definitive news yet as to whether they will renew or sign elsewhere.

Source: Allkpop