Netizens Find That A Member Of Rookie Girl Group KEP1ER Looks Surprisingly Like aespa Winter

Netizens Find That A Member Of Rookie Girl Group KEP1ER Looks Surprisingly Like aespa Winter

The coincidence between Winter of aespa and a member KEP1ER makes fans excited.

The battle among girl groups of the 4th Gen is hotter than ever when aespa rises strongly and IVE and KEP1ER have impressive debuts. As these are all outstanding rookies, fans often compare the members and groups with one another. Recently, a topic about Seo Youngeun (KEP1ER) and Winter (aespa) attracted the attention of Korean netizens.

Knets discussed a photo of Youngeun with short hair and expressed amazement as she looked extremely like Winter of aespa. Not only similar in hairstyle, Youngeun‘s small face and aura also bear a relation to the female idol from SM. In particular, Youngeun‘s outfit also looks like Winter’s in the “Savage” promotion. Many people commented that the two idols looked like siblings because they were too similar.

Photos of Youngeun are causing fever (KEP1ER)

Many people mistakenly think her is Winter (aespa) because they’re too similar

In fact, this is just an edited photo. A Japanese fan has edited the hairstyle for Youngeun and everyone was taken aback when Youngeun‘s short-haired version looked incredibly like Winter.

Previously when Youngeun joined “Girls Planet 999”, many fans also realized the resemblance between her and the aespa member. But only when admiring the picture of Youngeun‘s short hair, fans were really surprised and thought that these two idols were born in the same family.

Youngeun currently still has long hair

Fans said that 2 idols are very similar

After debut, Youngeun’s beauty has gradually improved. From the less excellent candidates of “Girls Planet 999” to become a favorite face of fans

This is not the first time Kpop fans expressed interest in visual similarity between aespa and KEP1ER members. Before that, international fans pointed out that KEP1ER‘s Xiao Ting looked very much like Karina (aespa) in terms of her cold personality. They both extremely suit the ponytail when performing on stage. Xiao Ting and Karina‘s powerful “girl crush” beauty is a factor that attracts more fangirls.

Xiao Ting of KEP1ER

Her visuals remind fans of Karina (aespa)

The common thing of 2 idol women is the cold and mysterious aura

Xiao Ting and Karina are also new generation visuals noticed by a large number of international fans

Source: Kbizoom