Netizens discuss ITZY Lia's situation after news of Soojin's departure from (G)I-DLE

Netizens discuss ITZY Lia's situation after news of Soojin's departure from (G)I-DLE

Netizens are talking about ITZY's Lia following the news of Soojin's official departure from (G)I-DLE.

On an online community forum, a netizen questioned the current situation regarding ITZY's Lia due to the continued investigation into her bullying rumors. Especially since the news of Cube Entertainment's removal of Soojin, netizens have been comparing the situation to other cases involving idols and bullying allegations.

With a screenshot of ITZY's recent YouTube activities, the netizen wrote of Lia's situation: "Are they trying to keep her and move on without any explanation??? Looks like they [ITZY] are going to make a studio album comeback with this situation...? Isn't it easier to properly clear up the situation before making a comeback??"

Some top-voted comments included reactions such as:

"Exactly...they should just properly provide an explanation.. I just feel so uncomfortable, having to keep seeing someone who could have been a bully...I don't know what the company wants us to do, honestly...I'm not that interested in hearing JYP's opinion but I would very much like to see Lia write her own letter.."

"I know...What are you doing, JYP? The atmosphere's all fired up because of Soojin's departure and if you want to make a comeback, you should prepare for it well... The situation is so grey right now that it annoys me even more"

"I hope they make a comeback after resolving the issue."

Meanwhile, netizens are also continuing to mention Stray Kids' Hyunjin and Red Velvet's Irene, as well as other celebrities who have been involved in behavior-related controversies and yet are carrying on with their promotions.

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Source: allkpop