Netizens compare the visuals of the female idols from SM and JYP

Netizens compare the visuals of the female idols from SM and JYP

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There are many K-pop idols who have been gaining much attention for their beauty.

In particular, the girl group members from major companies such as SM and JYP Entertainment have always garnered attention for their visuals. Recently, one netizen decided to compare the visuals of the female idols from these two agencies in an online community.

The netizen explained they created the post to ask other netizens which agency has the female idols with the better visuals. This netizen included photos of various SM and JYP entertainment idols and asked other netizens for their opinions of which idol members look prettier.

SM Entertainment

Girls' Generation's YoonA


Red Velvet's Irene

Aespa's Karina

JYP Entertainment


TWICE's Tzuyu

TWICE's Sana

ITZY's Yuna

Netizens joined the online community and discussed which company has the better visual idol group members. Netizens commented, "I think Suzy alone beats out all the SM idol visuals," "How can you beat YoonA's visuals," "I think I personally think Tzuyu is the best looking," "There's Irene," "There's a reason JYP is called the powerhouse for girl groups," "I think SM's visual lineup is unbeatable," "I think Irene is the best visual out of all the girl groups," "I think Karina is the best now," and "I don't know about boy groups but I think JYP is the best when it comes to girl group visuals."

Source: allkpop