NCT DREAM’s Chenle Has The Most Wholesome Reunion With SEVENTEEN Besties Jun And The8

NCT DREAM’s Chenle Has The Most Wholesome Reunion With SEVENTEEN Besties Jun And The8

Supportive besties for the win!

NCT DREAM‘s Chenle had a reunion with his besties in SEVENTEEN, The8 and Jun, making fans’ wishes come true with the most wholesome posts on Weibo afterwards.

SEVENTEEN’s The8 (left) and NCT DREAM’s Chenle (right)
SEVENTEEN’s Jun (left) and NCT DREAM’s Chenle (right) | @mansehao/Twitter

Seeing as NCT DREAM’s “Beatbox” comeback is overlapping with SEVENTEEN’s “HOT” comeback, they were bound to run into each other at music shows while doing promotions. Chenle and his fellow member Renjun have been good friends with Jun and The8 for a good while, along with some other NCT members.

(From right to left) NCT DREAM’s Renjun, WayV’s Xiaojun, and SEVENTEEN’s The8 and Jun

In fact, in a funny recent incident, Renjun called Jun, not realizing he was on live at the time. Jun hilariously answered with, “Hello? I’m on a live stream, child.”

Due to how close the members all seem to be with each other, many fans were eagerly hoping for more NCT DREAM-SEVENTEEN friendship crumbs now that the two groups will have overlapping comeback schedules.

Luckily, Chenle did indeed take some time to hang out a bit with his SEVENTEEN besties. And even better, he posted evidence in the form of some highly-anticipated selfies!

They had met at Mnet‘s M Countdown, and Chenle uploaded the pictures to his Weibo account, jokingly fanboying over his friends.

But, of course, he wasn’t the only one. The8 couldn’t help praising NCT DREAM’s “Beatbox” stage, to which Chenle replied with some happy emojis.

Meanwhile, Jun commented asking Chenle to come for a chat, to which Chenle hilariously replied that he’d almost forgotten about his interview because he was talking with them.

After the taping of the show, fans were treated to one more precious moment. When all the idols were stood on stage, The8 came directly to greet his friends in NCT DREAM. But he also ended up greeting the other members!

NCT and SEVENTEEN definitely have some of the most wholesome friendships in K-Pop. Hopefully we’ll get more crumbs from the members as they continue their comeback promotions!

Source: Koreaboo