Music Critic Explains Why BLACKPINK is so Popular Internationally

Music Critic Explains Why BLACKPINK is so Popular Internationally

BLACKPINK is currently known as "The World's Biggest Girl Group" with their global influence. The girls of BLACKPINK not only smash the charts with each new release, but they are also sell-out queens who are global brand ambassadors of luxury brands.

Modern music critic Kim Young Dae recently appeared on SBS's "Legendary Stage" and provided insight as to why BLACKPINK is so well-loved internationally. Keep on reading to see what he has to say.

Why Is BLACKPINK So Popular Internationally? It's Because of Their Image

During Kim Young Dae's appearance on "Legendary Stage," he revealed that the reason BLACKPINK is so well-loved globally is because of their powerful swag and their extravagant, luxurious image.

He said, "These are the things that allowed the girls to become a sort of role model for K-pop fans, regardless of nationality or background."

Kim Young Dae further explained, saying this is something BLACKPINK has clearly defined themselves with ever since their debut.

He went on, "BLACKPINK explicitly expressed this and showed off this aspect ever since their debut. Not only in terms of music, but in fashion and visuals as well. The girl group makes use of added values that come from these aspects to the group's identity. They strengthened their luxurious reputation by working with big famous fashion houses. This gave birth to the BLACKPINK we all know - the BLACKPINK with the most luxurious and fashionable image."

BLACKPINK's Global Influence

As mentioned, the members of BLACKPINK are all faces of famous fashion houses and global brands. To start, Jisoo is the global brand ambassador of Dior.

In 2020, Diro saw an increase in sales in South Korea despite the COVID-19. The rise in sales is attributed to the brand's marketing campaigns that utilize numerous Korean singers, including Jisoo. Jisoo is also the local brand ambassador for Dior Beauty.

In Feb. 2021, Jisoo was named as the model muse for South Korean clothing brand MICHAA for their Spring 2021 collection. Jisoo is also working with Line Friends to design a game character in the mobile game KartRider Rush+, which will be unveiled on Mar. 19, 2020.

Jennie is the global ambassador for the French fashion house Chanel. The idol was chosen for her significant selling power, with photos from her social media account going viral and the items she wears become trends. The idol is the face of South Korean brand Hera Cosmetics and Lotte's Air Bake, Chum Churum Soju, and Lotte Chilsung.

Forbes has acknowledged Jennie's influence, saying that she has been "gaining a new foothold in South Korea's beauty trends."

Rosé is the global brand ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, becoming the fashion house's first global ambassador in 59 years.

In 2021, she was named the muse for the fashion house's cosmetics brand, Yves Saint Laurent Beauté. Rosé is the promotional model for Perfect World Entertainment's MMORPG "Perfect World Mobile."

She and Jisoo are both endorsement models for the South Korean cosmetics brand Kiss Me.

Like the other BLACKPINK members, Lisa is a global brand ambassador for a luxury brand representing Celine.

Lisa is also the global brand ambassador for New York-based high-end cosmetic brand MAC Cosmetics. After Lisa was announced as MAC Cosmetics' brand ambassador on the brand's social media account, the post received more than 5.6 million likes and 74,000 comments on the Instagram post.

Lisa, specifically, has a huge influence in China. In the country, Lisa is the brand spokesperson for the fabric softener company P&G Downy, the yogurt brand Zhengouli, and Tencent's mobile video game, Brawl Stars. She is also an endorser for the Vivo S9 smartphone. Vivo is a popular Chinese smartphone bramd. In her homeland, Thailand, Lisa is a brand presenter for AIS Thailand.

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