MOMOLAND’s JooE Unknowingly Claps On Stage While Latin American Boy Band Announces Their Disbandment

MOMOLAND’s JooE Unknowingly Claps On Stage While Latin American Boy Band Announces Their Disbandment

Memes are already being created from the viral moment.

MOMOLAND recently presented an award at the 2022 Premios Juventud, an annual award ceremony celebrating Latin music artists.

(From left to right) MOMOLAND’s Ahin, Nayun, Hyebin, Jane, JooE, and Nancy | @momoland_official/Instagram

MOMOLAND was in Puerto Rico for the award show, where they presented an award and were nominated for one too. The girls received a nomination for “Best Girl Power Collab” for their collaboration with Dominican artist Natti Natasha.

The group joined forces with the Latin singer-songwriter earlier this year for the release of their track “Yummy Yummy Love.”

MOMOLAND with Natti Natasha (center) | @momoland_official/Instagram

The MOMOLAND members looked gorgeous for their red carpet appearance ahead of the show. Each time they waved at the crowd, their fans could be heard cheering, receiving attention from the reporters there. Nancy shared that their fans had been cheering them on since they landed at the airport.

MOMOLAND on the “Premios Juventud” red carpet | @PremiosJuventud/Twitter

At the ceremony, the award they were presenting was the “Best Fandom Award.” The award went to the Latin American boy group CNCO.

As the group accepted their award onstage, they made the sudden announcement that they would soon be disbanding after seven years together.

A mixture of boos and encouraging cheers erupted from the crowd as fans digested the sudden news. In what was surely a confusing moment for MOMOLAND, a few of the girl group members were unknowingly clapping in the background. JooE was seen on camera during the group’s announcement.

CNCO Is Disbanding After 7 Years Of Performance | Viral Trunk

CNCO announcing their disbandment | @PremiosJuventud/Twitter

The girls were on stage without a translator, and the mixed reaction from the crowd could have easily contributed to the confusion.

Luckily, fans reacted with understanding and were already turning the viral moment into a meme.

“CNCO se separa”

jooe: 👏🏻😄

there was no translator so she didn’t know what was being said 😭

— al🛼 (@ohpinkylove) July 22, 2022

MOMOLAND wasn’t the only K-Pop act to receive a nomination. The song“Sg” by Dj Snake, Ozuna, Megan Thee Stallion & BLACKPINK‘s Lisa was nominated for the category “Collaboration OMG.”

Source: Koreaboo