List of K-Pop Stars As The Most Fashionable Icons By Elle Japan

List of K-Pop Stars As The Most Fashionable Icons By Elle Japan

Elle Japan, on Jan. 14, released a list of K-pop idols who, just like they do on stage, wear the latest collection of high-end brands on a daily and captivate fans with their powerful aura. Keep on reading to see who made it to their list!

The first idol mentioned by the publication is EXO's youngest member (also often referred to as the maknae of the group), Sehun. Standing at 183cm tall, Sehun has captivated fans with his handsome looks. He is a regular at Louis Vuitton's show and has attended Paris Fashion Week in the past. The two have quite a loving relationship: back in 2019, the fashion house sent Sehun a suit from their 2020 collection and was the only person to have accepted such a gift from them.

Currently, Sehun is the face of Dior Men.

But Sehun was not the only EXO member mentioned by the publication. In fact, both Baekhyun and Kai were given a shoutout!

Elle Japan noted how Baekhyun has his own streetwear brand, Privé by BBH. He is also Burberry's newest brand ambassador.

Kai, on the other hand, became the global ambassador of Gucci Eyewear. The idol had also participated for the brand's 2019-2020 Autumn/Winter campaign, as well as their 2020-2021 Autumn/Winter Men's collection.

The label also mentioned two male YG Entertainment stars - WINNER's Mino and BIGBANG's G-Dragon. Back in 2019, Mino made his runway debut as the first Korean artist to walk the runway of Louis Vuitton's Spring 202 menswear show in France for Paris Fashion Week.

G-Dragon, on the other hand, is known as a fashion icon in the industry. The idol is a global brand ambassador for the French fashion house, Chanel. He also has his own brand, Peaceminusone. The brand has collaborated with powerhouse names such as Nike and Vogue.

All the members of BLACKPINK were given special shoutouts by the publication. They first mentioned Rosé, who was named as the global ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent by Anthony Vaccarello, making Rosé their first brand ambassador in 59 years. In 2021, she was named the muse for Yves Saint Laurent Beauté.

The next mentioned Jennie, who is often called the "Human Chanel," was named the fashion house's global ambassador in Oct. 2018. Prior to that, she was named the model for Chanel Korea Beauty. On top of that, Jennie is the face of Hera Cosmetics and has brought popularity to the brand's "Red Vibe" lip series.

Following Jennie was Lisa, who named the global ambassador for Celine in Sept. 2020. On top of representative Celine, Lisa was named the global ambassador for Bvlgari and has participated in the brand's digital campaigns. She is also the face of Philippine-based fashion brand Penshoppe.

Lastly, they mentioned Jisoo. Jisoo is a global beauty ambassador for Dior and is the brand's muse. She was also appointed as Cartier Digital Project's first protagonist and muse. In Jan. 2021, Dior Beauty announced their new product, "Dior Forever Skin Glow Cushion", which was first tried by Jisoo. The product is exclusively sold in South Korea.

Another female idol that the publication noted is MAMAMOO member Hwasa. The idol is often called the "new standard of beauty" due to her charismatic aura, her visuals, and her unique fashion. She stands out for her tanned skin and glamorous figure and has set a new standard for K-pop. Her make-up and way of dressing have become the center of adoration for fashionable youths.

The only K-pop group that was mentioned as whole is ITZY. Despite them being so young - which ages ranging from 16 to 20 years old - the girls are already proving themselves as fashionistas. Shortly after their debut, the girl group was invited to Louis Vuitton's Cruise Collection in New York and later attended Paris Fashion Week.