Knet Discuss Whether Cha Eun Woo Will Renew His Contract With Fantagio Or Not

Knet Discuss Whether Cha Eun Woo Will Renew His Contract With Fantagio Or Not

Some netizens are raising comparisons between Cha Eun Woo's situation with A Pink's Na-Eun, as boy group ASTRO is slated to face contract renewal season in early 2023. 

On April 13, one netizen took to an online community and created a post titled, "Cha Eun Woo's situation right now seems similar to Son Na-Eun..."

Here, the netizen wrote, "Regarding Cha Eun Woo's contract renewal, they have many years built into their careers and are now at a time when their individual activities are important. But ASTRO is not a group that did that well, so I think they'll contemplate on whether it's better to renew their contract as ASTRO or go their individual ways. But I think the other ASTRO members will 100% want a contract renewal. I wonder what they will do."

Here, some netizens commented:

"What kind of contemplation? Lolll. If you guys were Cha Eun Woo, would you contemplate on renewing your contract?"

"If they want to hold onto him, they should at least create one hit song for him and hold onto him. The group has nothing to them, so asking [Cha Eun Woo] to renew is really selfish."

"Even if Cha Eun Woo is better off not renewing, his company will do whatever they can to hold onto him. At least their album sales increased a lot."

"If there is even one fan who wants [Cha Eun Woo] to renew, then they really have no shame."

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"A Pink peaked as a top group and succeeded, so I had second thoughts on whether Na-Eun leaving was for the better or not. But honestly, to be completely honest, [ASTRO] as a group didn't have any big accomplishments so isn't it an obvious for [Cha Eun Woo] to leave? I think everyone would support him..."

"Renewing his contract would be crazy...Nobody would understand why he would do that."

"Na-Eun renewed her contract for 3 additional years after 7 years and still got criticized. So if Cha Eun Woo leaves too, crazy fans will probably go off on him."

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"Why would he renew though?"

"Na-Eun renewed up to 3 additional years. She just didn't renew her renewed contract."

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