Kim Garam Shares The Full Report From The School Violence Committee

Kim Garam Shares The Full Report From The School Violence Committee

The details of the school violence committee meeting are out.

Kim Garam has shared the full report from the School Violence Committee regarding her 5th level disposition

As she does not have her own personal social media, Kim Garam shared a copy of the report through her friend. The first document uploaded was a review of the incidents that led to the school violence committee.

Records of Discussion from the Self-Governing Committee on School Violence

Summary of the Discussion

Time: Monday, June 4, 2018, 3:30pm

Location: 2nd floor conference room, Main building

Committee members: 7 people — Vice principal, Head of guidance counseling, School police officer, 4 parents

Attendance: All 7 present

Opening statement from the vice president:

  • There will be a self-governing committee starting now because all seven of the committee members are present.
  • Please note that you have the obligation to keep everything discussed and learned during this meeting private.
  • Parents are subject to “exclusion” or “rejection” if any member of the committee is directly related to the head office proposal.
  • No one? Let’s begin.

Individuals related to the issue:

Individual 1: female student 1 Kim Garam

Individual 2: Yoo Eunseo

Vice President: I will read to you the overview of the issue. Students and parents, please listen carefully and let me know if there is anything different from the facts.

When: 2018, late April to early May

Where: At an elementary school nearby and online

Who: female student 1 Kim Garam, also involved are four others

To Whom: Yoo Eunseo (transferred on May 23, 2018)

Why: talking behind one’s back

How: swearing and making threats

The next page of the summary went over the first point of discussion, which was about Yoo Eunseo’s gossiping about her friends.

1. Regarding Yoo Eunseo’s gossip about her friends.

  • Yoo Eunseo, early in 7th grade. About 10 students, including Kim Garam, were friends with each other, but their friendship started to fall apart due to Yoo Eunseo talking about the friends behind their backs.
  • 8 friends, including Kim Garam and female students 1 and 2, found out about Yoo Eunseo’s actions and confronted her at a nearby apartment complex, cursing her out for three hours. Swears said included “f.u.c.k”, “f.u.c.k.i.n.g bitch”, but it has been pointed out that Kim Garam and female student B did not directly swear at Yoo Eunseo, instead just saying they were “f.u.c.k.i.n.g speechless”. Four of the girls did not curse at all, but still talked during those three hours. Yoo Eunseo said she would not gossip anymore and be kind to them, and the situation was resolved.
  • Shortly after the situation, Yoo Eunseo’s friends at N middle school, male student A and B, sent a Facebook message to female student 1 with the contents “Hey f.u.c.k.i.n.g bitch! Who do you think you are? Don’t you dare mess with Yoo Eunseo!”
  • Female Student 1 took a screenshot of the messages sent by male student A and B and sent it to the group chatroom. Yoo Eunseo and Kim Garam had reconciled by then, so all of the friends were still part of the group chatroom.
  • After receiving the surprising messages, female student 1 sent Yoo Eunseo a message with the contents “You’re so pathetic. Go back to the countryside. F.u.c.k off. You’re disgusting.”
  • Kim Garam asked Yoo Eunseo to leave the group chat to lower the feeling of uncomfortableness that was lingering in the group. This was after Yoo Eunseo sent a message containing her apology in the chatroom
  • After Yoo Eunseo told the group that she enjoyed the time they spent together, she left the group chat.
  • Even after this, Yoo Eunseo’s friend male student A continued to curse at female student 1. In a Facebook message, it was Kim Garam who called out male student A in an attempt to defend her friend, female student A.
  • Yoo Eunseo’s friends, male student A, B, and C, asked Kim Garam to meet up.

The summary continues, detailing the events that occurred after Kim Garam confronted the male students.

  • Kim Garam and female student 1 ended up messaging Yoo Eunseo to also come to their meeting because they felt that nothing would be solved if they only talked to the three male students. They messaged her to come to a nearby elementary school.
  • At the time, there were many students around the elementary school because there was a soccer match between G middle school and another nearby middle school.
  • There were many people present. From G middle school: Kim Garam, female student 1, 2, 3, and two male students. From N middle school: Yoo Eunseo, male student A, B, and 6-7 9th graders, male and female.
  • The boys and 9th graders from N middle school started using their strength and started pushing around the male students from G middle school, starting an argument.
  • Yoo Eunseo was standing at a distance and tried to stop the students from N middle school from arguing with the students from G middle school, but they did not listen and continued to argue.
  • Female student 1 told Yoo Eunseo “We warned you, you said you wouldn’t do this anymore and we reconciled, but why can’t you resolve this? This situation is all because of you. What are you going to do about this?”
  • At this time, Kim Garam, who had promised not to gossip anymore as well and reconciled with Yoo Eunseo, spoke up because of what happened. She told Yoo Eunseo “Go back to Busan, this is ridiculous.”
  • Female student 3 stated “so f.u.c.king disrespectful.”
  • Kim Garam and her friends started crying because they were being threatened by Yoo Eunseo’s male friends and the older students from N middle school. During that time, Kim Garam’s friend, female student 2, told Kim Garam’s older cousin about the situation using Kim Garam’s phone. After passing the phone to one of the male students making threats, Kim Garam’s cousin told them to stop the threats and apologize.
  • During this entire time, a male student from a nearby middle school was watching and called his older friends. In the end, Yoo Eunseo’s male friends and the older students from N middle school apologized to Kim Garam and the G middle school students, and left the school.
  • Yoo Eunseo decided to stop being friends with the group chat members, including Kim Garam. She then left N middle school, and her male friends A and B also left the school. Yoo Eunseo also stopped being friends with them.

Following the first point of discussion, the second point of discussion was the incident where Yoo Eunseo uploaded a hidden camera photo of female student 3 wearing only her underwear.

2. Yoo Eunseo hacked into female student 1’s Facebook and uploaded pictures of female student 3 in her underwear

  • After swearing not to see one another again at a nearby Elementary School, Yoo Eunseo was still upset, so she hacked into student 1’s Facebook and changed her profile picture to a picture of student 3 in her underwear that Yoo Eunseo took. (Yoo Eunseo alleges she was taking a selfie when student 1 appeared in the shot.)
  • Yoo Eunseo first denied uploading it before admitting at a later time, in writing, that she did it.
  • Female student 3 cried to Kim Garam and her friends through Facebook messenger. Kim Garam got upset for her friend and called Yoo Eunseo, who wouldn’t pick up. Kim Garam then sent threatening messages to Yoo Eunseo and threatened to tell Yoo Eunseo’s mom.
  • Kim Garam then Facebook messaged Yoo Eunseo to come out to a nearby elementary school by 5, and Yoo Eunseo did.
  • Victim student 1 was upset that Yoo Eunseo hacked her Facebook account and asked what Eunseo is going to do about her Facebook account.
  • It is written that Kim Garam then told Yoo Eunseo to take off her clothes, but Kim Garam claims she asked Yoo Eunseo how she would like it if someone uploaded a photo of her in her underwear.
  • Victim student 1, who had her Facebook account hacked by Yoo Eunseo, asked her “do you want me to take pictures and record you like you did to me?”
  • Yoo Eunseo said she would post an apology letter, but victim student 1, who had her Facebook account hacked, told Yoo Eunseo that the image that she posted wasn’t of her, but of victim student 3. Victim student 1 told Yoo Eunseo to write a 20-line apology on Facebook and apologize to victim student 3 for posting the picture of them in their underwear.
  • Female students 4, 5, and 6 stopped victim student 1, saying that her demands were too extreme.
  • Yoo Eunseo claimed that victim student 1 and Kim Garam told her to “please leave the middle school and f.u.c.k off to Busan,” but victim student 1 and Kim Garam stated they told her to “f.u.c.k off to Busan,” so there is a difference in their statements.
  • Victim student 1 told Yoo Eunseo “why do I have to get cursed at because of a bitch like you? Just go off and quietly live your life.”
  • Female student 4 told Yoo Eunseo that she was overdoing things, always getting into trouble.
  • Yoo Eunseo claimed that Kim Garam told her to write a 20-line apology letter and upload it within an hour. Kim Garam countered by saying that she did not say that, and instead asked for an apology letter to be written quickly so that other people would no longer suffer from any misunderstandings or damage. This was another difference in their statements.
  • Yoo Eunseo wrote an apology the same night and uploaded it to Facebook.
  • Yoo Eunseo transferred schools due to a series of incidents, such as hacking someone else’s Facebook account and uploading pictures of another student wearing only their underwear.

The summary then moved onto the third and final point, which was about the messages that Yoo Eunseo would send in the chatroom, even after transferring schools.

  • Even after transferring, she told a 9th grade student that a 7th grade student had cursed them and so the 9th grade student told the 7th grade student if she didn’t say things straight she would kill her.
  • Even after transferring, Yoo Eunseo still talked behind people’s back, so when Kim Garam received a question about “What do you think about Yoo Eunseo?” on the Ask app, she replied, “f.u.c.k, so annoying”.
  • Victim student 3 who suffered from Yoo Eunseo posting an underwear photo online had this status message on her KakaoTalk: “Is your head there just as a meaningless ornament? I hope you are unhappy”.
  • Yoo Eunseo continues to refuse to admit her mistake and tells students of other schools, “What have I done wrong? f.u.c.k.”
  • She also stated that she transferred schools because she was bullied by students from G middle school and that she didn’t do anything wrong.
  • As these rumors became known, female student 1, who had her Facebook account hacked by Yoo Eunseo, opened a Facebook group message chat and invited Yoo Eunseo to the chat and stated, “Such a loser. Did you transfer because you were scared. Don’t talk like a you’re the shit. There’s no guy that will take you with that face. Don’t you dare show up in our sight”.
  • Kim Garam posted in the message room, “She looks like a Kabuki. You’re face is so funny”.
  • Victim student #3 who suffered from Yoo Eunseo uploading underwear photo stated, “That bitch is next to me. See you at the police”.
  • Yoo Eunseo invited two of her close 8th grade friends to the Facebook message room where Kim Garam’s friends were in and victim student 1 asked why she invited them here and deleted the Facebook group chat.

Also released was the document on for the official punishment levied by the School Violence Committee.

School Violence Countermeasures Committee Result Notification

Case Number: 2018-3

We inform you of the measures taken in Articles 16 and 17 on the prevention and countermeasures of school violence.

Offender student: Kim Garam, 7th grade, class 3

Victim student: [Redacted]

Cause of action: At the end of April to May 2018, due to [Redacted]’s mistake (talking behind her back, uploading friend’s underwear photo, etc), Kim Garam called her out to nearby elementary schools twice in the presence of several people and cursed them out, even through group chats, Ask app, etc.

Autonomous Committee held: June 4, 2018

Action taken:

  • Offender student:
    • 6 hours of special education in accordance with Article 17, Paragraph 1, Item 5
      5 hours completion of special education for parents in accordance with Article 17 (9).
  • Victim student:
    • Article 16 Paragraph 1 Item 1 psychological counseling and advice

Notice of reconsideration:

  • Offender student
    • A student or guardian who has an objection to the “transfer of expulsion” action can be subject to Article 18-3 of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act within 15 days from the date of receipt of the action, and within 10 days from the date of knowing that the action has been taken. A retrial may be requested to the Provincial Student Disciplinary Mediation Committee (Article 17-2 Paragraph 2)
  • Victim student
    • A victim student or guardian who has an objection to the action may request a retrial to the regional committee within 15 days from the date of receiving the action, or within 10 days from the date of knowing that the action has been taken (Article 17-1 Paragraph 1).

Notice of Appeal procedure:

  • National-public schools
    • If there is an objection the principals action, request an administrative arbitration within 90 days from the date of knowledge of disposition or within 180 days from the date of the disposition (Article 27 of the Administrative Appeals Act), or file an administrative lawsuit within 90 days from the date of knowledge and within 1 year from the date of disposition (Article 20 of the Administrative Limitation Act).
  • Private School
    • Civil action may be brought against the principal’s actions

June 5, 2018

Middle School Principal

Kim Garam has also released a personal statement maintaining her innocence. HYBE has stated that they will not comment on the matter as Kim Garam is no longer affiliated with their company.

Source: Koreaboo