Kang Daniel Apologizes For His Alleged Sexist Remarks While Alluding To “Street Woman Fighter” Contestants

Kang Daniel Apologizes For His Alleged Sexist Remarks While Alluding To “Street Woman Fighter” Contestants

“Hello, this is Kang Daniel…”

Kang Daniel has apologized for what many took as sexist remarks while alluding to the contestants of Mnet‘s Street Woman Fighter.

Kang Daniel | Mnet

The idol had been criticized for remarks he made while stating his feelings about hosting Mnet’s Street Woman Fighter. The message was sent in a private message to fans but many took it as being sexist. Many of the idol’s fans were upset at the way Kang Daniel spoke in favor of hosting the male spin-off of Street Woman Fighter.

Kang Daniel’s updates to fans on UNIVERSE. | @Jn1nK1KPA9SefvA/Twitter

And to be honest, it was so comfortable because they were all men. I’m happy because my energy doesn’t get drained out of me. I was very scared in the beginning, actually. But Street Woman Fighter was scarier, and I like [what I’m doing] now more. — Kang Daniel

Fans took issue with his description of the contestants as “energy-draining,” which is commonly used to describe women as being catty. When fans began to speak out against his statements, Kang Daniel, rather than explain his true intentions, blocked those who tried to point out that the expression was problematic.

Kang Daniel’s updates to fans on UNIVERSE. | @Jn1nK1KPA9SefvA/Twitter

They’re nunas who do their eyeliner and makeup fiercely too. What do you mean I’m being sexist? I’m at a loss for words… I’ll just skip through it. Blocking them beep boop. Wheee goodbye. Those people would be the ones who get angry when they attend stand-up comedy shows. Just live comfortably. Life is already too hard. — Kang Daniel

As his remarks and apparent response continued to gain momentum and more criticism, Daniel uploaded an apology on his Instagram. He stated that he unintentionally mischaracterized his feelings towards the contestants of Street Woman Fighter.

Hello, this is Kang Daniel.

I wanted to apologize for the private message incident.

While trying to say that I was ‘nervous and anxious’ while hosting the show, I over-exaggerated those feelings and created an unnecessary misunderstanding, for which I am sorry. My response while trying to de-escalate the situation and avoid creating a sexist atmosphere was also mishandled.

I am apologetic for hurting the fans who may have been hurt by the incident. Moving forward, I will be more careful with my words and demeanor.

— Kang Daniel

Kang Daniel, who has hosted both Street Woman Fighter and its spin-off Street Girls Fighter will be returning to hosting duties as the MC for Mnet’s upcoming male spin-off Street Man Fighter. The fourth installment of Mnet’s street dance survival series will premiere on August 16 at 10:20 pm KST.

Source: Koreaboo