10 K-Pop Songs To Listen To Boost Your Energy for Work Or School

10 K-Pop Songs To Listen To Boost Your Energy for Work Or School

Ready to be motivated?

As the year comes to an end you might find that your commute to work or school feels a little bit more difficult. Whether you take a noisy subway and need to drown the noise out, or if you take a walk and need to clear your mind, what better way to cheer yourself up and brighten your day than with a K-Pop playlist full of bops?

Here is a list of 10 K-Pop songs that you can add to your playlist to make your trip a little bit brighter. We hope that these songs can add a little bit of motivation and happiness to your day!

Note: This list is in no particular order.

1. 'Queendom' by Red Velvet

'Queendom' is all about self-love and reminding yourself of the queen or king that you are! It is the perfect song to start your day and give you a confidence boost to face it. No matter how your day goes, if you listen to this song again it will pep you back up in a couple of minutes.

2. 'Gallery' by Park JiHoon

'Gallery' by Park JiHoon is the perfect song to listen to if you feel like escaping reality for a moment. He invites you to sit in a special seat and focus on him as he takes you on a journey filled with beautiful things to see. The groovy upbeat melody will have you wanting to bust out in your best dance moves on the way to your destination.

3. 'Tear Drop' by SF9

'Tear Drop' has a hypnotic melody that will have you entranced. Although the lyrics are on the somber side and speak about hurt and heartbreak, it reflects honest emotions that everyone can relate to. The song feels like a hug even though you may be going through a difficult time and will add some comfort to your journey. This is perfect if you feel like listening to a more mellow song to drown out the background noise.

4. 'Magic' by TXT

'Magic' is the feel-good song that you need for a pick-me-up. The song is about bringing hope and liveliness to someone like magic. Hopefully, this song can do the same for you and make your day a little livelier with a magical touch.

5. 'After School' by Weeekly

The upbeat melody of 'After School' will get stuck in your head as you finish up your day. The lyrics are about all of our favorite things at the end of the day fun, freedom, and being carefree after a long day of working or studying. Listen to this song to officially restart your day.

6. 'Damage' by JUST B

'Damage' is the perfect song to get you up and motivated when you're feeling down. With lyrics that say, "Go beyond your limits. I'm ready, stand up. You can't bring me down," and "Don't back down. You should never give up." JUST B invites us to take their hand and escape. This song is sure to make you feel like you can conquer the day.

7. 'Next Level' by aespa

'Next Level' is the essential song to remind you of how amazing you are. This song makes sure that you never forget your level. It will remind you that as long as you are doing your best you are extraordinary. You can beat everything that comes in your way on that day after listening to this song.

8. 'Life Goes On' by BTS

This is another song that is more on the mellow and somber side. 'Life Goes On' is about reminding yourself that no matter what may get you down, life still goes on. Because life goes on like nothing has happened its important to get yourself back up again and keep moving forward.

9. 'Dingga' by MAMAMOO

'Dingga' is all about taking a break after having a dreary day or week. It is about having fun with your friends and letting loose. This song will also remind you not to take life too seriously and to enjoy the fun moments to the fullest. Listen to this song to escape and get yourself hyped for the week.

10. 'Weekend' by Girls' Generation's TaeYeon

This is the perfect song for those looking forward to the weekend and holding on to the idea of the freedom that comes with it. It is a song all about doing what you want to do on your own time. Listen to this song if you need something to look forward to during the week!