Top 10 K-Pop Idols With Aesthetically Pleasing Instagram Accounts

Top 10 K-Pop Idols With Aesthetically Pleasing Instagram Accounts

These days many K-Pop idols are starting their own Instagram account and we love how each of them upload photos and content to keep fans busy!

If you had noticed, some of them have their own unique way of decorating their account with aesthetically pleasing photos. Today, we have gathered 10 K-Pop idols who have such beautiful feed and let's check them out below!

Note: This is not a ranking.

1. Red Velvet's Joy

Joy knows how to brighten up those who are following her through her infectious smile and colourful content.

2. SF9's InSeong

It has not been long since InSeong had opened up his Instagram account but we noticed how he has his own unique way of uploading photos from the same series.


Instagram is a way of expressing yourself and through the feed of HanSe, we can tell how he tries to tell a story, message or even an emotion through his artistic posts.

4. Former IZ*ONE's Hitomi

Simple and neat, Hitomi has a very adorable way of uploading photos! Just by scrolling through her feed, you can tell that she likes to use white borders.

5. GOT7's YuGyeom

We love the way YuGyeom puts out his content on Instagram! Fans also love it and we can tell that he has his own way of styling that is unique to him.

6. NCT's Yuta

Don't miss out on Yuta as he keeps his fans updated frequently! From selfies to pictorial shoots, Yuta shows different sides of him through his feed.

7. EXO's Kai

Kai is another idol you will not want to miss out on! With a simple glance at his feed, many could tell that he is indeed a celebrity. However, when he uploads photos of him and his nephew, fans could feel the 'human' side of Kai and relate to him more.

8. SunMi

SunMi definitely knows what the secret formula is to have people returning to her feed over and over again. It is aesthetically pleasing and of course, one of a kind!

9. Lovelyz's SuJeong

Some point out that RyuJeong likes to make use of retro and bubblegum pop themes on her Instagram. Well, news flash, we love it!

10. ASTRO's Rocky

We can't possibly miss out on Rocky! He seems to know the Instagram ratio tip and also makes use of a similar colour tone that allows his feed to look well-coordinated.